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Coming Undone

Posted 2009.08.06 11.30 in DID, Life On Drugs, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I had a dream last night about coming completely undone. I seem to be in an ever-increasing state of general befuddlement, punctuated by moments of extreme focus.

Like, when I’m on a task, I can really focus in on it and get at it, whether it’s work or fun or whatever. But in between tasks, half the time I’m clueless. I forget where I’m going, what I’m supposed to be doing, I can’t even remember for more than an hour things like what day is it, what month is it, what season is it? At times I have to concentrate to remember left and right. I make lists all the time, and then if I forget the list or I forget to look at the list then stuff doesn’t get done.

Like there’s so much going into my brain, it’s full, it’s on overload. To quote Homer Simpson, “Remember that time I took a home winemaking course, then forgot how to drive?” well ok it’s not quite like that. ūüôā

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Nucking Futters.

Posted 2009.03.30 9.07 in Life On Drugs, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I forgot to take my cryptospam again yesterday. ¬†This is a problem I have with any medication you’re supposed to take every day. ¬†Eventually, I can’t remember not taking it, because my head fills up with memories of taking it. ¬†I’ve taken it a hundred times. ¬†How can I be sure one of those times wasn’t today?

I was thinking of getting a t-shirt made with the word NUTS printed on it, front and back, in big block letters. ¬†Let people make what they will of that. ¬†Or when it gets warm enough not to need a sweater or jacket, I might start wearing my lab coat everywhere. ¬†I don’t work in a lab, but I own a lab coat. ¬†You know, long white coat, some pockets, clearly intended for a doctor or lab type person. ¬†I could even make up an official looking passcard to clip to it. ¬†The passcard would also say NUTS. Although people might then think I worked in a nut factory. ¬†Then again, maybe I do.