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Rooster Sauce

Posted 2011.03.21 19.33 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Wow. The Oatmeal loves his Sriracha sauce just as much as I do.

Image by The Oatmeal

Funny thing is, I’ve been in love with this stuff for years and yet I didn’t notice the rooster on the label till The Oatmeal pointed it out. I actually had to go look in the fridge, to see it for myself. Yep, it’s there.

Other funny thing, it no longer seems all that hot to me. Just tasty.

Funny Stuff

Posted 2010.09.02 19.19 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

I was wandering around teh interwebz the other day and stumbled across something funny.

The Oatmeal Рa sort of bloggy, sort of comicy, and all round funny site. He has a lot of fun stuff, and some of it is even edjumicational. Like for instance,  you can learn about the reproduction habits of the Angler Fish, or the life cycles of a Parasitic Flatworm.

Check it out!