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100 Degrees in the Shade

Posted 2011.07.21 10.52 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

It’s a hot one today! It’s days like this that we’ll remember fondly next February, when it’s -40 and the petrol in our cars has frozen solid.

Looking at the forecast, apart from the temperature, what struck me was today’s UV Index. It’s a Ten!¬†For some reason, I thought the scale only went up to nine.

The whole UV Index thing still feels odd to me. As I mentioned in a recent photo comment, I can remember when we had a nice cozy ozone layer to protect us all. Life was good in those days. There was no UV Index, and we weren’t taught to fear the sun.

Anyways, seeing the Ten today, I had to go and look this up. Sure enough, the UV Index has only been around for a little while – it was invented in 1992. Invented here in Canada, in fact! Good old Environment Canada, leading the way.

Anyhow, if you’re going outside today, remember to buckle-up, wear your safety-suit, goggles, face-shield, helmet, and gloves. And don’t forget to have fun!