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Wicca Plus Released!

Posted 2013.09.23 11.17 in iPhone by Stephanie

Wicca Plus App Store 


Just in time for Mabon! Celebrate the autumnal equinox with my latest wicca-based app.

Wicca Plus is a universal app, designed for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Graphical interface, customizable content, it’s a complete digital Book of Shadows ready to work with you in the craft, in your circle and coven.

Introductory Offer – Only $1.99

Get it at the App Store!

More iPhone Coding

Posted 2010.10.05 21.50 in iPhone by Stephanie

I’ve been spending just about every spare minute over the past 10 days working on an update to my second iPhone app, the Liber Umbrarum et Lux (Book of Shadows and Light.)

As I mentioned earlier, this is a much more involved update than what I did with PassGenR.

There’s probably another week yet of work to be done before I am ready to submit it to the App Store for approval, but until then, here’s a quick look at some of the enhancements. I’m not telling what the big new feature is, that’s a surprise for later.

  • Updated to iOS 4.x compatibility.
  • Still supports iOS 3.x devices, for backwards compatibility.
  • Graphics enhanced for Retina display compatibility.
  • New Icons & iTunes Artwork.
  • More images.
  • More content!

There’s a few other minor enhancements / improvements, and one really big new feature that I’m really excited about. It’s been a slow process though – literally having to re-learn how the app worked to begin with, then building from there to incorporate both technological improvements and content enhancements.

Plus, I get really picky and perfectionist at times. Just the icons and artwork alone took me 2 days and 5 complete redos before I had something I was fully satisfied with. (You can see the rendered iPhone 4 icon at the top of this post.)

Ground Hog Day?

Posted 2010.02.02 9.12 in Pointless Blather, Spiritual by Stephanie

I know there’s ground beef, and then there’s ground turkey, but do they make ground hog? I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that.

Another thing I don’t know is what ground hogs have to do with February 2nd. I’m curious as to how this whole thing came about. It’s a pagan holiday, of course. Imbolc. One of the major sabbats, one of the crossed quarters, falling between Yule and the Vernal Equinox. A festival of light, bonfires, celebrating the turning point of winter..

But how ground hogs came into play, escapes me.

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New Sword!

Posted 2009.07.25 18.57 in Spiritual, Swords by Stephanie

I recently received a new sword to add to my collection! This one was a custom project that I designed – well I designed / specced the hilt arrangement, the guard and grip, and pommel decoration.

My Type XIII Hilt DesignThe piece was based around a medieval sword of the Oakeshott Type XIII design. (The true XIII, not a variant.) Of all the various sword makers that I know of, there’s only one who has any Type XIII blades in his catalogue and that is Angus Trim. His new Makers Mark line includes a pair of Type XIIIs, and while they both look great, the one with the tripple fullered blade was the one I liked best. I own a number of ATrim swords already and I’m very pleased with his work. Angus sells his swords through Christian Fletcher, and Christian not only handles the retail sales but also does a fine job of customization, fitting, custom scabards, belts, the works. He’s a true craftsman.


So once I had my design and a blade chosen, I contacted Christian Fletcher and commissioned him to to the job. The grip would be a custom piece based on other grips he’s done, the guard would be completely custom based on my own original design, and the pommel would be fairly standard but with my designs etched into it. There would be a fairly basic scabard and a baldric (sort of a belt, worn over one shoulder.)

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Happy Samhain Everyone!

Posted 2008.10.31 0.00 in Spiritual by Stephanie

Blessed Be.


Posted 2006.10.31 1.00 in Spiritual by Stephanie

It’s October 31st…Samhain…day of the dead…new year’s eve for some pagans, the night when the veil is thinnest between this world and the next.

Have a happy, safe, and scary Samhain everyone!