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Well, That Was Fast

Posted 2013.09.12 19.11 in iPhone by Stephanie



Well that was fast!

PassGenR version 4.0 is already approved and released and available on the App Store!

You can read up on what it is and what it does and what’s new on the PassGenR page at Feles Magus, or you can head right over to the App Store and grab it!

PassGenR 4.0 Submitted

Posted 2013.09.11 13.40 in iPhone by Stephanie

PassGenR_ThumbGetting ready for iOS 7 next week, I’ve finished updating PassGenR.

Actually, update isn’t quite correct – I completely rewrote it from scratch, using all the newest / latest tools.

It still has all the same functions and features as before, but written on a new code-base that should be good for several more years at least.

Plus, the look and feel has been updated, and there’s one new feature added – through Settings, it is now possible to disable the History function completely. This was at the request of someone who didn’t want to have their random-generated passwords saved anywhere.

So, the update has been sent to Apple, it’s just a matter of when it will get approved.

In the meantime, the current version is still available.


PassGenR 3.0 – Approved

Posted 2013.05.31 18.15 in iPhone by Stephanie

In the App StoreIt’s approved! I just got the email this afternoon from Apple.

PassGenR version 3 is now available on the App store.

I’m kind of surprised actually – it only took a couple days. Used to take a week or so to get an update out.

The updates were detailed in this recent post.

Now, on to app number two…

PassGenR 3.0

Posted 2013.05.29 11.53 in iPhone by Stephanie

This morning, I submitted a new version of my original iPhone app, PassGenR.

It’s in the Apple approval queue now, but with any luck there’ll be news in about a week.

Updated features include:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the history from being properly cleared.
  • Added support for 4″ retina displays (aka iPhone 5).
  • Increased the history screen from last 10 to last 15 passwords (last 12 on 3.5″ screens).
  • On 4″ screens, I’ve added a new option, to include accented characters in the generated passwords.

PassGenR Artwork

This is a bit of a big deal for me… I’ve finally moved a few steps forward out of the rut I’ve been in for some time. I’ve got a newer computer, with a newer OS, and am learning the newer development tools, and hopefully can make something of that.

At the very least, I’m not just sitting alone in the dark doing nothing.

PassGenR Update Available

Posted 2010.10.03 10.33 in iPhone by Stephanie

Apple has finished reviewing the update for PassGenR and has approved it.

The updated app is now available for download at the App Store.

I have started working on an update for my second app, Liber Umbrarum et Lux. This one will take longer than a week or so however, as I have lots of big plans for version 2.0 of this app.

PassGenR 2.0 Submitted

Posted 2010.09.26 11.27 in iPhone by Stephanie

This morning I submitted the 2.0 upgrade of PassGenR to the App Store.

I hope to hear back from them within the week, if it’s been approved or not.

As usual all the processes seemed different, it seems like a lot has changed since my last brush with the App Store last year.

I’ll update my PassGenR app page shortly, with the new screenshots, icon, and all the new details on usage and features et cetera.

PassGenR Update in the Works

Posted 2010.09.24 8.07 in iPhone by Stephanie

After what seems like about a year and a half, I’ve finally gotten back to doing some programming for the iPhone / iDevices.

My very first iPhone app, PassGenR, has had a long list of upgrades waiting for it since April 2009. At long last I’ve decided to get that done. I’ve been on it over the past several days, and it’s now in the testing stages. Hopefully I’ll be ready to submit the new version to Apple over the weekend.

Among the new features / improvements are:

  • Passwords can be copied to clipboard
  • Passwords can be sent by eMail
  • Passwords can be sent by SMS
  • History area doubled
  • Added Hexidecimal option to password parameters
  • Improved graphics & new icon

The app is built for iOS 4.x but will still work on devices running iOS 3.x.

As always, PassGenR will remain completely free – and there are no adverts or anything else. I hate ‘free’ apps that bombard you with ads, so I’ll never do that myself.

I’ll post an update once it’s in Apple’s hands, and another once the update is released on the App store.