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An Uneasy Truce

Posted 2013.11.27 21.37 in Cats by Stephanie
The New Chair

The New Chair

Frog Zen

Posted 2013.07.21 12.33 in Aquaria by Stephanie

African Dwarf Frogs are tiny cute little aquarium pets. They do this wierd thing where they just kind of space out. Sometimes they do it standing up. Sometimes even upside-down. When you’re new to ADFs you might even think they’ve suddenly died on you, but really they’re just… spaced out.

It’s like their own little zen thing.

Zen Frog

I noticed this one zenning it up ontop of the plant, and she was out of it long enough for me to get a photo.

War & Peace & Fish Food

Posted 2009.07.23 22.55 in Aquaria, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Aquarium Diary, Entry #30

Leader of the Zebrafish, General Shifty, has surrendered. The zebrafish rebellion is over, and everyone has breathed a sigh of relief. Shifty conceded that the fishes’ appetite was their downfall. No fry army would be raised as the zebras themselves couldn’t help eating any babies who emerged from the gravel. No planorbid army would be raised, as the zebras will happily eat them too, if the planorbids’ shell should get accidentally smushed.

Those fry or smushed planorbids that escaped the zebrafish still had to contend with my forces: Speed Racer the snail, and the two peppered cory catfish, Doctor Pepper and Sargent Pepper.

The surrender was not unconditional, however – Shifty demanded that the zebrafish reserve the right to act suspicious or blatantly inconspicuous at their discretion. He also demanded colour-enhancing flaked fish food, and occasional treats of freeze-dried bloodworms.

I did not find the terms unreasonable, and agreed to the conditions. At long last I can drop this ridiculous storyline, which started out sort of interesting but has unfortunately become a bit laborious and has lost the funny.