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And then, Colour!

Posted 2011.07.04 23.24 in Hobbies, Photography by Stephanie

After a couple decades of developing my own black & white negatives at home, the time has come to make the big jump into colour!

Like many, I’d heard lots of reasons for why not — too difficult, too expensive, too picky, exacting temperature control requirements, and short-lived chemistry. Lately though, I found some articles online that helped to disspell some of these myths.

Finally, looking at the pics I took a couple weeks ago, I realized that it was time to make the jump to colour. Canada Day was the perfect opportunity to shoot some colour, and today I had my first go at processing it.

For my first attempt at processing colour film, I’m fairly pleased. The first image above was using 10-year-expired AgfaColour Pro film, but the rest were on a new roll of Kodak (Professional) Portra 400VC. The VC stands for Vivid Colour and I am quite pleased with the results.

The camera was, um…. well… a Lomo LC-A+. Yeah I know, I know. There’ll be a whole post about that in the future. Honest.

Anyways, I’ve got a couple medium-format rolls lined up for some colour chemistry, and I’m still shooting colour with 35mm as well. So there’ll be more colourful goodness coming in the next couple weeks.

One of my Favorites

Posted 2010.12.04 22.28 in Hobbies, Photography by Stephanie

The last couple weeks I’ve been carrying around my Zeiss Ikon Nettar camera. It’s one of my favorites – made in 1949, it’s a real classic. Uses 120 rollfilm, shoots 6x6cm square images. With a 75mm f/4.5 lens, and an all-mechanical shutter that can go all the way up to 1/200sec! Yeah, mine is the good one with the f/4.5 aperture and the Pronto shutter!


I’ve been trying to rekindle my interest in photography, and as a result this is the camera that’s been bouncing around inside my purse for the past few weeks. I really need to dig it out of the purse and take some pictures, but… I don’t know what to shoot.

I feel awkward doing ‘street photography’, like people probably don’t want to be caught in some stranger’s snapshots. I do like landscapes or abandoned industrial-style areas, but there’s nothing interesting around my usual routes.

It’s not like I have 36 or even 24 frames to get through – at 6×6 you only get 12 shots on a roll of 120, and I think I got half of those off just playing around the house. So, I just need to get around to shooting a half dozen more frames, then I can put the Nettar away and start thinking about processing some film.

It’s just… it’s harder than I expected, to get myself re-interested in any of my old hobbies.

Viva Film!

Posted 2009.09.17 16.43 in Hobbies by Stephanie

Over at the website, I just came across this page about / for using film in photography. To quote them, “If you use film, love film, miss film, think film photography shouldn’t die out, enjoy sharing the world of film, or simply have film on the brain, this is for you.”

I’ve only just rediscovered my interest in photography, and film photography in particular. Though it was my digital SLR that rekindled my interest, it didn’t take long for me to pick up the old manual SLR, and from there, the antique Canonet rangefinder. Now I’m looking at a Holga (i.e. Lomography) and even thinking about building a pinhole camera or something similar.

It’s not about capturing a so-called perfect photograph – that’s actually relatively easy, if all you’re looking for is a snapshot to remember an occasion or prove you were there. It’s the art and creativity – to me it’s more like painting or drawing. A medium that is used creatively, to capture or convey the emotions of the artist, and to arrouse emotions in the viewer.

And yes, you can do this with digital too. But honestly, film is more sexy and (to me at least) more magical. When you pack the film onto a spool, mix up the chemicals and pour them into the light-proof box, stir and wait, you don’t know the result until the time is right to open the vessel and peer inside… It’s like a witches’ brew in the black cauldron. Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble!  Well, ‘silver halides burn and potassium bromide bubble!‘ doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. Or maybe it does…

Anyhow, so whether your last film camera was a plastic-fantastic 35mm point-and-shoot, or a serious modern autofocus SLR, or an old rollfilm twin-lens-reflex you inheirited from your grandfather, blow the dust off it, cram some film in there and get snapping! Or if you’ve tossed your film gear, grab a cheap Holga or Diana, or cruise some yard sales and find something retro-cool!

You don’t have to become the next Ansel Adams, just have fun!

Viva Film!

Tuesday Update

Posted 2009.09.01 13.11 in Aquaria, Family/Friends, Photography, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Crazy busy recently so there’s only time for another bullet-point post for now; I’ll come back and make longer posts when I have time to elaborate on things.

  • Too busy on the weekend for a photo expedition, which was a bit disappointing – after four consecutive weeks, I missed one. So the film photos I posted recently will stand-in this week. There’s a long-weekend ahead and hopefully I’ll have time to get back out and take more pics – either digital or film, we’ll see.
  • Yesterday was my dad’s birthday – happy birthday dad! My dad is one of the Good Guys; if he wore a cowboy hat it would be white. He doesn’t wear a hat though, so instead he has white hair. (Ok, it’s more silver than white, but you get the idea.)
  • The zebrafish fry were already mostly free-swimming yesterday, if I have that term correct. That is, instead of all clinging to the sides, corners & bottom of the wee nursery tank, by yesterday evening the vast majority of them were hanging out in a school in the middle of the water column. There’s closer to 3 dozen than 2 dozen, or perhaps even more!
  • The snail-on-snail action has been continuing, with Little Buddy gettin’ it on with Big Blue and Speed Racer pretty much every day. Still no eggs though! Grrr. If he keeps going like this, I’m going to have to move Little Buddy to another tank for a while so the others can get a break.

That’s all I can think of at the moment but I’m sure there’s more.



Posted 2009.07.22 9.13 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

Things continue to get slowly consolidated, old sites merging with this, my main site.

Just recently, my artwork website was assimilated: has been merged into the PlanetStephanie domain and site. My artwork gallery etc are all available here in WordPress.

It was a lot of aggravating work to get everything in there, but now that it’s in, maintaining it should be fairly simple. It’s not as complete or comprehensive as the old site was, but on the other hand, I’m not that heavily into art / painting at the moment. I might get back into photography again, as I just got a new digital camera that has more functions and power than a Mars lander…

Wierd Stuff

Posted 2008.12.08 1.00 in Photography by Stephanie

Playing with graphics. Wireframe. Kind of funky.

Wireframe Waikiti