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Posted 2015.07.19 20.44 in Cats by Stephanie


February 2002 – July 2015


Posted 2015.04.10 13.54 in Cats by Stephanie

Pixie is still with us, but sometimes she pretends she isn’t.


Quiet Month

Posted 2014.11.26 9.51 in Cats, Family/Friends by Stephanie

Almost the end of November and I haven’t posted anything yet.

Nothing to say I suppose.

Some health issues to deal with, and I still miss my dad.

Oh and one of my cats has been battling some sort of cancerous problem since last year, and it’s now catching up with her quickly.

Kind of in a holding pattern with her, every day wondering when the end will come.

Pixie at Rest

She’s started using the once-dreaded carrier box as a bed… getting acclimatized to it, for when it’s time for the final journey.

Now I haz a sad again.

An Uneasy Truce

Posted 2013.11.27 21.37 in Cats by Stephanie
The New Chair

The New Chair

At The Vet

Posted 2013.11.10 3.06 in Cats by Stephanie

At The Vet

Watching Fall

Posted 2013.11.02 17.08 in Cats by Stephanie

Watching Fall

On a cold, dull, wet November day, what is there to do but sit at the window and watch the leaves fall?


Posted 2013.07.22 10.36 in Cats by Stephanie

Contemplation Kitty

What is she thinking?