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I (Heart) My iPhone

Posted 2009.04.23 20.19 in Computers/Internet/Technology, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

The iPod Touch, which I used for some 6 weeks, was a great piece of kit. Certainly it was a big adjustment from my old (circa 1994) HP 200LX, but as a PDA the Touch was very colourful, small, and cute. It was the sort of thing you could become very fond of.

But the iPhone… It’s been what, like 2 weeks almost? And I have to say.. I love it. 

Seriously – it is the kind of technical jiggery-pokery that you find yourself just staring adoringly at. 

iPod LurveI’m no Apple fangrrrl or Apple apologist, nor am I an Apple cultist. They make mistakes and screw things up, they’re just another business like every other capitalist corporation. But when they get it right, wow do they get it right.

I mean, this thing is about the same size as my 3rd generation iPod – the one with the little B&W screen, the four buttons over the scroll area. Same size, yet this sucker packs almost as much storage space (solid state nowadays of course, none of that archaic spinning platter business), a big colour touch-screen, wi-fi, bluetooth, GSM cellular, and a GPS for goodness sake! Just reading the tech specs on Apple’s website, made me feel almost Star-Trek.  Aside from the usual specs like memory, screen size, etc, there’s a category for sensors.  Sensors! It’s almost like a tricorder and communicator rolled into one.

Anyhow – enough babbling.  Bottom line is, I love my iPhone. It is an almost-perfect piece of technological jiggery-pokery.

It just needs a blinking light.