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Clutch 2 in Position

Posted 2009.11.21 13.37 in Aquaria by Stephanie

Today, the second snail egg clutch is 2 weeks old. As I was doing the regular aquarium cleaning etc. I noticed the clutch is starting to turn colour, which indicates it’s nearing its due date…

Wanting to try things differently this time, I got a breeder net set up, gently removed the clutch from the side of the aquarium, and floated it on some foam in the breeder net.

Clutch 2

To ensure the clutch stays above water, it is sitting on some little bamboo bits on the foam. Another bit of bamboo ensures the foam stays put, so it doesn’t float around in the net.

You can also see, I’ve positioned some blue cardboard to keep the clutch out of direct light from the aquarium light – this way it gets light but won’t ‘bake’.

Clutch 2 - 2

So if all goes well, when the babies hatch they will end up in the breeder net where I can watch them and keep an eye on their progress.

As they sit and feel very awkward wondering why this huge head keeps peering down on them.