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Hunter Kitties

Posted 2011.06.19 19.52 in Cats by Stephanie

What the Pixie catches then releases, the Misha catches and wants to keep.

Viewer discretion is advised.

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Run Away!

Posted 2009.11.30 15.28 in Aquaria by Stephanie

So, in the world of apple snails, the way that the little fellas try and win the girl of their dreams is significantly different than the sort of romance we’re used to.┬áIn fact, from observing my small group of snails, I can say that what seems to be the preferred strategy rather seems to involve sneaking up from behind, then pouncing on the girl’s back.

Granted, this is somewhat effective considering that neither the girl or her hopeful beau have any arms and legs. Still it does seem a bit… abrupt. And judging from the typical reaction the gals offer, I tend to think they agree with me.

Here we see Speed Racer, currently being ‘romanced’ by Munchkin. Speed Racer is attempting to flee from the small yellow fellow, but the flight is in vain – it is impossible to outrun your stalker, when he’s firmly attached onto the back of your head.

Run Away!

The situation is all the more amusing serious when one realizes that we don’t even know for certain if Speed Racer is male or female – it is entirely possible that the larger snail is in actuality a very surprised and upset fellow.

Romantic endeavors of this nature are not without consequence – both Munchkin and fellow male Little Buddy suffer from numerous minor bumps and dents along the front of their shell, as the other snails have learned some effective tricks of their own, to discourage ongoing romantic attempts.

Repeated bashing of the male into a wall has questionable success, but is undoubtedly rewarding for the female. A more-effective strategem is to move between two heavy decorative objects, in order to ‘scrape’ the male from her back by pushing between the objects while moving forwards.