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Still Waiting For My Super-Powers…

Posted 2008.06.06 0.00 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I got injected with radiation last month! I was in a lab and they had a tiny little syringe that was delivered in a great big lead box. They stuck it in my hand and pumped radiation into me. (Side note – radiation is slightly cool and you can feel it travelling up your arm.)

After getting irradiated, there was a thing like a giant photocopier that I got (slowly) slid in and out of, while big chunky sensors called “Gamma Cameras” detected the radiation.

It was pretty freaky, you could just go and stand next one of these “Gamma Cameras” and it would start picking up the fuzzy glow of radiation emanating out of me.

I forgot to ask how long I’d be radio-active for, but it’s been a few weeks now, so I’m probably safe. Still no sign of any super-powers though, which is dissapointing. I was hoping to be able to fly, or at least teleport. Laser vision would not be unwelcome, either.

The “Power to Imprint Images on Gamma Cameras” is ok I guess, but I think it has a pretty limited range of usefulness. And it’s a mouthfull – by the time you’ve said it, the bad guys have already finished their Evil Plan and escaped.

Come to think of it, I don’t think the bad guys would be all too impressed anyhow. Unless they had some Gamma Cameras that they needed to keep in an unused and pristine condition. Maybe you can’t get a refund on them if they’ve been used… they’d be back at Henry’s or Blacks, they’d have the receipt and everything, trying to return the Gamma Cameras, and the store manager would be all like “Sorry, this camera’s been used. I can’t give refunds on used equipment.” And they’d be all “We didn’t use it! Curses – it was that masked heroine with her ability to imprint images on gamma cameras! She foiled our plan!” and the store manager would try and smile in a sympathetic but noncommittal way, while gradually edging back away from the conversation.

So take heed, troublemakers! Abandon your treachery, or I will come and seep radiation on your gamma cameras, preventing you from returning them for full refund! Ha ha!

Yeah ok, it’s a slow week and my mind has been wandering. Laser vision would have been really cool, though.