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Word of the Day

Posted 2010.11.07 15.09 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Embiggening your vocabumalary!

Spontaneous Auto-Defenestration

Definition: The event in which a person or thing suddenly ejects himself / herself / itself out through a window.

(Yes, I know it’s a phrase rather than a word. It’s more fun this way.)

What a Week that Was When?

Posted 2010.10.26 22.00 in DID, Life On Drugs by Stephanie

Time is speeding up and slowing down again. It seems like there’s all the time in the world, then I blink and a week has gone by.

And what a week! Or what a fortnight! It’s been a tumultuous week or two. I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned some of this stuff yet or not – short term memory is affected.

It all started when I got really low on my brain meds. See, the shrink had got me on these two drugs, cryptospam and wellbutrin. He’d give me a perscription that would last just long enough till the next time I’d see him, then he’d give me more.

Only this time, the staff lost my appointment, and the soonest they could schedule a new one was 6 weeks later. I’m like, well not only does that suck, but I’m going to run out of meds. He was very specific about me not missing even one dose. And they’re like, …

Literally – they had no comment. So I asked, could he contact the pharmacy and send in a renewal? Then they say, no that isn’t how it works. Go to the pharmacy and have them contact the doctor, that’s how it works.

So when I’m ready to need more, I go to the pharmacy and let them know and they fax the paperwork in. No worries. A few days later I run out, and go in, and ask for the renewal and they haven’t heard from the doctor yet. They fax it again. I leave.

Come back again a few days later. No word. They call. Can’t get through. I call. The staff don’t answer phones there, you have to leave a message, which they will ignore then call you back a day or two later and ask what you wanted. At one point the pharmacist gave me a couple pills, enough to get through the weekend, since we were all pretty sure things would be resolved soon.

A few days later, the resolution was still forthcoming.

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Wisdom Worth Repeating

Posted 2010.07.16 13.03 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Rants, Rages, Babbling

Posted 2009.12.22 10.13 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I get that it’s a busy time of the year for retailers, and for the postal system. But this comes as no surprise to anyone – especially retailers and the postal system. And incompetence and callousness just make me seethe at times.

So I placed an order, back in November in fact. No big deal, nothing special, just ordered some regular stock items from a store. I’d have gone in person but their retail shop doesn’t have the same line of merch. Anyhow, so I’ve ordered from these guys before. Very good communication, they let you know the order is received, then when it’s being picked, then when it’s shipped, then they send you tracking info.

Except this time, it got as far as received, then just silence. Finally after a week, I emailed them (they provided a contact address for questions). More silence – I emailed two or three times in total and never got so much as a peep from them. Pointer: Don’t provide a contact email address if you plan to not answer customers’ emails.

So I called. Spoke to someone but it wasn’t her department, someone else handles that. They transfer me. I get disconnected. Grumbles.

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Road Repair Rage Rant

Posted 2009.09.15 20.21 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Wow it was hard work getting home today! I live very close to the office, under 10km. Normally it takes me just a few minutes – most of my commute is actually spent at the drive-through coffee shop. Lately though… it’s making me crazy. There’s this one major thoroughfare that I don’t even have to drive on, I just cross it. But they’ve been tearing it up, laying it back down again, I don’t know what they’re actually doing. Maybe one side is done and they’re just flipping it over, one bit at a time.

Anyhow, so I’m trying to get home and trying to avoid the major intersections. I came through a residential area, side-streets, to cut across the main road where there’s a set of traffic lights, from one residential area to another. OMG what a mess.

At first I tried to be patient, calm, etc. but the minutes kept ticking past with hardly any movement. I could see a growing line of cars behind me. Eventually the line would scoot ahead a carlength, then stop a while longer. Finally after about a half hour I was near enough to see what was happening.

Whenever the lights went green for us, the construction crew would kick into action and move equipment infront of us. See, they were trying to minimize disruption to the main street, so when the main street had a red light, they’d go out into the intersection and do their thing.

Road Rage

Only, uh, WTF about the rest of the traffic? I mean ok, the lady with the stop/slow sign couldn’t see how huge the backlog of cars was – how could she, when she was so very careful not to turn around and look.

What was happening was now and then, when we had a green light, one or two cars would get a chance to sneak through. Then we’d miss 2 or 3 lights while they were dumping dirt, or pushing dirt, or pointing at dirt that needed to be pushed, or pointing at dirt that needed to be dumped.

WTF goes through their minds? I mean if they were going to effectively close the road, then just close the f-ing road! Don’t let it back up all the way to the next major intersection.


Medicate Me

Posted 2007.08.19 0.00 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So I’m flipping channels on the TV. On the Discovery Channel is some guy who goes on about how other people have dangerous work, and he goes and hangs out with them till they get some footage. He joins up with some cops in some city, and they go looking for drugs. Specifically, for Meth labs. In the cops’ lead in, they talked about how dangerous meth labs are because the manufacturing process is dangerous. I didn’t notice any big spiel about the drugs themselves being dangerous, just the manufacture. And the guys making them, the cops indicated that the manufacturers are dangerous.

So they go off and raid some houses. Suspected, alleged houses. They only showed one on the TV and I didn’t see if they had a warrant or not. Nobody was home, so they let themselves in, and a dozen or more heavily armed men in black clothes and jackboots tromped through this house, searching it. They scored a bottle of perscription drugs, and a tiny amount of weed at the bottom of a tin cookie box.

Then it sort of hit me. They’re acting on a tip. They admitted this. Someone called the cops and said, they think this house is a drug lab. That’s all. Someone, maybe didn’t like his neighbor, calls in a tip and presto – the men with black boots and guns are storming the place, searching it, finding your tylenol and the last traces of your weed.

That was the first point of feeling uncomfortable with the society I was seeing on TV.

So I flipped some more channels, and came into a teaser for a news segment – Americans using more perscription drugs than ever! They showed footage of a drug lab (the legal kind) with a million white pills flowing out of a machine and into a big bin.

That was the second point of feeling uncomfortable with the society I was seeing on TV.

I flipped some more channels and found a black and white war movie about WWII. Finaly – something where the morals are clear-cut and you can trust everyone (good guys and bad) to act accordingly.

Back to the drug thing.. I’m sure this is no great revalation to anyone other than me. Why is there such a big brouhaha about ‘illegal street drugs’? Because the big drug companies don’t like competition. That’s why. It’s legal and acceptable to buy your frigging anti-depressants, pain killers, mood lifters, and cholesterol fighters. Those cost a shit-load of money and that money goes to the big companies, and the politicians they support. You buy something recreational, and that money’s not going to a corporation or a politician. You see the problem here?

It’s the same with their internet gambling laws yes? It’s not technically illigal to gamble online, but they’ve made it illegal to pay for said gambling. Why? After all, it’s ok to gamble at Atlantic City, Vegas, and buy all the official lottery tickets you want. Well, online gambling is usually foreign, which means that the money isn’t going to the right politician or the right gangster / big business.

But back to drugs. How can they go on and on about how some drugs are bad, then turn around and run advertising for other drugs and say they’re good? Am I the only one who sees the disconnect? I’m not saying that all the recreational pharmaceuticals are hugs and puppies and everything’s ok. I’m just saying… what the hell? The only reason that the recreational stuff is such an issue, is these officials are making it an issue. The reason it’s manufactured by criminals, in unsafe conditions, is because that’s the way the officials have set it up. If you could just go and set up a factory/lab, hire some guys with their chemistry degrees, set up a marketing plan, and get your product on the shelves at the local pharmacy, don’t you think they’d do that?

Think of a world where, instead of seeing your next tv commercial for a new drug that will keep you ‘regular’ you see an ad for the new drug that will make your Friday night real fun. What the hell? They run ads for beer and booze? The TV beer drinking rum sipping fancy liquer crowd are a pretty happenen bunch, yes? They’re the cool guys, the party guys, the sexy ladies, the slick guys. That’s not much of a stretch from the chillin’ guys smoking their name-brand weed, or the whacky guys dropping the LSD they saw advertised on TV.

Bah. I’ve lost the level of disgust I had earlier, now I’m just babbling.