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Battle of the Bucket

Posted 2009.07.15 16.10 in Aquaria, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Aquarium Diary, Entry # 23

Zebra danios’ plans for world domination suffered a setback today when the entire Fourteenth Light Infantry Fry Division (the Fightin’ Fourteenth) was wiped out in a routine gravel-vacuuming incident. I am certain the zebrafish leader (General Shifty) is reconsidering their decision to conceal the troops among the gravel, especially in light of the regular aquarium tank maintenance that goes on.

Although the incident was unintentional, I am glad as I believe it has bought me some time to regroup and try to determine how best to handle the impending zebrafish rebellion.

The snails are proving to be helpful spies (unless they are feeding me false information), though I have no doubts of Speed Racer’s loyalty. Whenever the zebras finish spawning, he strolls into the spawning areas for a nice scrambled-egg breakfast. Stout fellow. Still, there is only so much he can do, and obviously the zebras are able to produce more eggs than he can eat.

Will keep monitoring, and keep iPhone well clear of aquarium! Still not certain how much damage the fry might be capable of.