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Two Tulips

Posted 2016.05.07 15.57 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Two Tulips

Two tulips in my backyard. The last two tulips actually — squirrels ate the rest.

Always Bet on Bureaucracy

Posted 2009.07.30 13.23 in Pointless Blather, Work by Stephanie

This is the true origin of the mythical Hydra. The seven-headed monster was actually just a euphamism for government bureaucracy. When you’re trying to get them to admit they made a mistake, when you’re trying to get a problem sorted out… every time you think you’ve beat them, two more challenges spring up before you, and the battle starts anew.

Of course, the drones with whom you communicate on the phone aren’t the actual enemy. They are merely pawns, and while they may put up a valiant fight, they may just as easily throw themselves on your sword. The outcome doesn’t really matter to them, and they know it’s hard to swing a sword if it’s got a bunch of drones stuck on it. Their job is to merely slow you down, wear you out, grind down your resolve by exhausting your ire and indignation. Like punching an enormous pillow – you never, ever hurt it and never get hurt yourself, but eventually you just can’t go on.

As difficult as it can be to engage one department in battle, when your task requires you to face two departments at once, you may as well forget it. You can’t turn them against each other, instead they each take turns playing you off the other. They won’t even talk to each other, so you end up having to run messages between them. It is a cruel, sick game, I believe.

I actually have a point to all this, a specific situation that I was going to rant about. But I’m truly exhausted after wasting another 2 hours with them this morning. Suffice to say that the process of getting them to correct their mistake is excruciating, and they’ll never, ever apologize for making the mistake, nor for wasting an hour or two of my life every week.

If they were a business, I’d take my business elsewhere.

Funnin Around With IR

Posted 2006.11.19 1.00 in Photography by Stephanie

Just playing around the the IR setting on a camera. For some reason I liked this pic.

Funnin with IR

Oh, Snap!

Posted 2006.09.24 0.00 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

When playing around with electrical or electronic stuff, it is important to note that 165volts at 330uF is very different than 330volts at 165uF.

And the results from applying 330v to something that probably is only rated for 200v, can be spectacular.


Cool Laser Pic

Posted 2006.09.08 0.00 in Lasers by Stephanie

I was playing around with lasers and my digital camera last night and got this pic.

It’s a 7mW Red (635nm) and a 60mW Green (532nm). The lasers were side-by-side, only about 1.5 inches apart, and aiming just under the camera. The camera was about 10 feet away from the lasers, and the pic was taken in the dark with a long exposure.

I love all the light patterns going on, and the way the two beams seem to converge into a brilliant yellow flare.

Red and Green Lasers


Posted 2006.08.26 0.00 in Lasers by Stephanie

Here’s an infrared picture of an invisible infrared laser, and one of many balloons that has fallen victem to its powerful infrared ray.

You can see the balloon has been captured in this frame, at the very moment of extinction.