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Eight-Day Week

Posted 2010.08.09 9.24 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Who decided that two days of rest was sufficient to recover and recharge after five days of work? Whomever it was, I disagree.

It is my strong belief that every weekend should consist of three days. One day to recover and recharge from work, one day to do the housework and chores, and one day to play.

I realize that if we reduce every work-week to four days, the economy could suffer. Consequently, I have now decided that we will extend the week to eight days, with the additional day being added to the weekend.

Henceforth, the week shall consist of the following days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will remain the traditional ‘work week’. Saturday, Sunday, and Stephday will be the weekend.

The eight-day week will go into effect starting September 1st, 2010.


You Know Things Are Too Stressful When…

Posted 2009.11.26 18.43 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

When you spend an hour in The Chair at the dentist, and find it to be a comfortable, quiet place you can relax and not worry about work for a little while.

Snails, Fish, Aquarium

Posted 2009.07.24 21.06 in Aquaria, Hobbies by Stephanie

Some of my friends and family have expressed surprise that I am getting so much enjoyment from my aquarium, and specifically from a couple snails and some fish. Without over-analyzing things, I figured I’d put a bit of thought into how to explain why I find them to be a compelling passtime.


Panoramic view of my 23 gallon aquarium.

For one thing, I’ve always found moving water to be relaxing. Just the sound of it, the sense of it in the air. I read somewhere that moving water ionizes the air, which is why it feels so fresh after it rains, and why it feels so good around a waterfall.

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Sitting On The Fence

Posted 2009.05.18 13.42 in Photography, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Or rather, slouching on the fence. Slumping on the fence? Catching some rays, on the fence?

However you slice it, there’s always time to just stop, take it easy, and have some “me time” on the fence.

Chippy on the fence!

At least, until the paparazzi show up and start snapping those damn cameras at you…