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No Fair!

Posted 2009.09.24 15.22 in DID, Life On Drugs, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

It’s not fair! I took my cryptospam. I had a rest yesterday. I haven’t had nearly as much extra large extra strong coffees.¬†Why am I still dizzy and befuddled?!

About the only improvement from yesterday is that my eyemuscles have stopped convulsing. But I’m still feeling twitchy and my eyeballs are still itchy. Gawd I hate that!

And another thing – how is it that minutes and hours take forever, but actual weeks and months go by quickly? Something is really messed up with the way time works. Somebody should look into that, do a study.

RIP Little Golden Snail

Posted 2009.07.26 15.42 in Aquaria, Family/Friends by Stephanie

My little golden snail, whom I have been worried about for some time now, finally passed away. In the six or seven weeks I’ve had her, she seldom ate, and had not grown at all. For the past fortnight she almost never ate and was growing visibly weaker.

Little Golden Snail

Although I hardly knew her, I’ll miss her. Goodbye little cutie.

Sleeping In

Posted 2009.07.21 8.25 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Sometimes, it’s all right to be late.

Sometimes, you just have to sleep in.

And that’s ok.