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To All My Friends in SecondLife

Posted 2009.12.20 19.00 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

I love you all – and I’m sorry that I am not online as often as I ought to be.

RL is all busy and full of craziness and depression and crap like that. I try and log on – like I’ll be thinking hey, it’s 6pm, and I’m not working tonight so I should log onto SL! Then a few minutes later it’s 11pm and I’ve got to go to bed and I’m wondering what the hell happened.

Anyhow – I haven’t forgotten you and I really do miss you and I’m honestly sorry for not being around as much as I should be, as much as I want to be.

The truth is, for maybe a year or more now, SL has just added to my depression rather than offering an escape from it.

I blame the Lindens – seriously when was the last time they did anything that was universally heralded as a Good Thing? It’s just one thing after another, where they stick it to their customers, blame the problem on us, and claim it’s what we all wanted anyways. I mean, if I treated my customers the way they treat theirs, I’d be homeless and destitute.

Sorry – didn’t mean to get into a whine-fest. Suffice to say, Lindens blow hairy moose balls.

Anyhow – the point is I love and miss my SL friends. I’m not hiding from you all. It’s the Lindens and what they’ve done to SL over the last 12, 18 months, that has made me drift away. That and the RL crazies.

As for Waikiti – two regions is where we’re at, and it’s where we’re going to stay. Nothing will convince me to give LL any more money, we won’t grow any more. Nor will we shrink – at this size, I can absorb any shortfalls in the region revenue, without it putting me into personal financial woes. Unless there is some SL-wide catastrophe (or some sl-wide LL-inspired retardation, like killing the economy etc.)

Anyhow – so here we are. Waikiti is what it is. I’ll be around as much as I can, but I can’t promise I’ll be around more than I have been.

The Rundown

Posted 2009.03.13 0.00 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Here’s what’s going on, in no particular order:

• I’m still playing around in SecondLife, although the company that owns it (Linden Lab) is working their very hardest to destroy everything through mismanagement, poor decisions, and an ongoing failure to understand who their customers really are.

• I’m still very busy with work, and it’s still at near-fatal levels of stress…

• For which I’m still taking crypto-spam, although my dosage has been doubled. And so far so good — no freak-outs yet, anyways.

• When I have time, I’m learning more about WordPress and preparing to set up a few WordPress blogs, for myself and others. At some point this mess will all (hopefully) be migrated over with a slightly new look and better design, and comments and all that wonderful stuff.

• I’ve recently become a registered iPhone developer and am working on my first few iPhone (and iPod Touch) applications. Between this and the WordPress stuff, that pretty much eliminates all other free time projects for now.

• Still intensely depressed when I stop and think about it. So as long as I keep my mind occupied every waking minute with work-work and hobby-work, I’m ok, more or less.

That’s why the posts are few and far between lately – I’m too busy doing stuff to stop and blog about what I’m doing. I do have a long list of stuff to post here, and sooner or later I’ll stop and actually post it.

Till then, take care, stay sane. Oh, and happy Friday 13th!

Wierd Stuff

Posted 2008.12.08 1.00 in Photography by Stephanie

Playing with graphics. Wireframe. Kind of funky.

Wireframe Waikiti

Sattelite view of Waikiti (Updated!)

Posted 2007.09.22 0.00 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

The images below are realtime sattelite views of my two regions in Second Life! Waikiti, the island on the left, was my first region, and Waiki Atoll, the group of islands on the right, were formed just recently!

WaikitiWaiki Atoll

There Are Few Things Cuter…

Posted 2007.09.18 0.00 in Uncategorized by Stephanie

Than A Bunny-Girl In A Tank!

Gadget in her little Tank

Postcard from Second Life

Posted 2007.07.28 0.00 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

It’s a picture of Technical Writer (just call her TW for short) and me.

She just needs to get a pair of glasses and the illusion will be complete.

Atashi and TW
Atashi and TW

Introducing the Aero-Putter

Posted 2007.06.10 0.00 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

The Aero-Putter is a two-seater flying machine. Lift is provided by burning of kerosene oil, to heat air trapped in two parchment lift-sacks held to either side of the contraption. Propulsion occurs by means of an aft-mounted four-bladed propeller. The actual engine of the Aero-Putter is driven by a powerful clockwork motor which is sealed beneath the seats. The motor utilizes breakthrough technology of our new patented perma-spring, which never needs rewinding. Each Aero-Putter motor is fully pre-wound at the manufactory.

The Aero-Putter was designed to be a small and whimsical two-person vehicle, ideal for casual touring around. It was not designed for tearing up the skies at 100 miles an hour.

TW and Atashi in an Aero-Putter