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Posted 2010.03.15 21.14 in Aquaria by Stephanie

It has been a tumultuous fortnight, for the snailies.

About 2 weeks ago, my girl Shelly died for reasons unknown. She just slowed down and died. She had laid a dozen egg clutches, and had about 200 offspring sliming around the place, and I don’t know why she died but it was sad.

Then a few days after she passed on, some of her daughters started laying clutches of their own. Within a week, there were five new little clutches laid.

Then over the weekend Munchkin started to slow down, the way Shelly had. Munchkin was the father of all the wee babies. Today I came home from work in the afternoon, to find Munchkin too had passed away. 🙁 Again, I don’t know why…

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Momma and one of her Babies

Posted 2009.11.28 15.06 in Aquaria by Stephanie

Momma and one of her Babies

More Snail Eggs!

Posted 2009.11.07 8.48 in Aquaria by Stephanie

This morning when I woke up, I had a big surprise – not only were there more snail eggs, but the snail laying them was caught in the act!

Shelly laying eggs

And further to my surprise, it wasn’t Big Blue – it was Shelly!

Up to this moment I didn’t even know for sure if Shelly was male or female.

Now I need to figure out what I’m going to do with all these eggs… some snail babies would be nice, but 100’s and 100’s would be too much.


Posted 2009.09.19 22.47 in Aquaria by Stephanie


Time for a big slimey smooch and snaily hug!


Posted 2009.08.26 12.24 in Aquaria by Stephanie

I’ve decided to name one of the two new golden baby snails “Shelly”. It’s been growing like crazy since I adopted it, but the new growth is so dramatically different than the old growth that I’m actually a little concerned.


I think I’m going to have to ask over on if this is ok or if it looks too thin…