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Joyous Yule

Posted 2010.12.21 10.05 in Computers/Internet/Technology, Spiritual by Stephanie

It’s the Winter Solstace today. [sarcasm]Yay, winter.[/sarcasm]

Also, this:


Happy Winter Solstace!

Posted 2009.12.21 9.49 in Pointless Blather, Spiritual by Stephanie

Happy solstace, joyous Yule, and all that.

Winter is now upon us, and although the days will start getting longer, they will continue to grow colder, for reasons I’ve never fully grasped.

Seriously, it’s like the seasons are 45 degrees out of phase with the tilt of the Earth’s axis in relation to the position of the planet’s orbit. Today is the day that the sun’s rays have the most air to go through before hitting those of us on the northern hemisphere. Today’s the day that there’s the least sunlight on the northern hemisphere. Why is it that the coldest day’s don’t hit till February?

Half the time it’s still winter-cold and snowy when the vernal equinox comes round in March! That’s not right – by then the days and nights are the same length, and the sun’s energy is much less oblique and more perpendicular, so there’s way less atmosphere – yet the real warm days don’t hit till after the summer solstace!

It just doesn’t make sense. Like I said – the seasons are 45 degrees out of phase with the whole scientific-explanation thingy.

An Even Scarier Solstace

Posted 2006.10.14 0.00 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

One of my favorite CDs for playing around Yule is the Very Scary Solstace disc by the HP Lovecraft Historical Society.

You know, nothing gives me warm fuzzies quite like seeing a room full of my mom’s friends and relatives socializing, when great hits like It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Fishmen or Away In A Madhouse come on the stereo.

Well, just in time for this year’s Yule season, those great folks at the HPLHS have done it again! Their newest CD is even scarier and comes with a singalong songbook, so you can join in the Yuletide fun, to such new classics as All I Want For Solstace Is My Sanity, Death To The World, and Slay Ride.

So, hurry on over to the HPLHS and orderyourself up an Even Scarier Solstace CD now, while you still can! The Great Old Ones command it.

An Even Scarier Solstace CD

An Even Scarier Solstace CD