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Good, Bad

Posted 2010.02.28 9.34 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Good: Blair’s Death Rain potato chips. The spiciest, hottest chips there are.

Bad: Getting a piece of the spiciest chips in the world jammed into the hole in your gums where your wisdom tooth was recently removed.

Worse: Continuing to eat the chips anyways.

Good: Codeine. Not just good, it’s f-ing great.

Bad: Quickly developing a resistance to codeine.

Worse: Running out of codeine.

I Like It Hot

Posted 2009.04.25 9.20 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Not long ago I was having lunch with my dad. We were at a chinese food place, and when we placed our orders, I asked for hot sauce. We’ve eaten there before and from experience we know that they usually bring a tiny dish with like a teaspoonfull of sauce, so I specifically asked for A Lot of hot sauce.

So they bring the soup, and my dad starts on his soup, and I’m sitting there waiting. He asks, “You don’t want your soup?” And I said “I’m still waiting for my hot sauce.” then the next thing I said suddenly resonated very strongly with me: “I shouldn’t have to eat food that isn’t spicey.”
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