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Boo-ble Bath

Posted 2006.10.28 0.00 in Spiritual by Stephanie

Something about being in the bathroom, lends an extra sense of defencelessness. I mean, if something were to “go down” while you’re in the bathroom, odds are you’re going to be unprepared for immediate action. As the saying goes, “caught with one’s pants down.” Or worse, being in the bath, caught naked and dripping wet.

Of course, one is only as unprepared as one lets ones’ self get. The boy scouts’ motto is be prepared. In Bushido, it is Yuden Nashi: never off-guard. In Japanese legend, the famous swordsman Miyamoto Musashi was once attacked by several of his enemies while he was in the bath. The fiends built up the fire under the bath, and then lit the bathhouse on fire, so Musashi had to choose between boiling to death, burning to death, or running naked and wet out of the bathhouse and into the trap of their swords. Of couse, Musashi was never off-guard and had taken his swords into the bath-house with him, so although he may have been naked and wet, he was not unprepared, and he was able to swiftly eliminate his foes.

But I digress.

Back to the bathroom, and indeed the bath. Enjoying a quiet calm afternoon soak, to be completely specific.

So as I lay there, relaxed, at ease, I hear footsteps. Footsteps in my hall! Not kitty footsteps. Not fourlegs footsteps, but twolegs footsteps. There’s nobody home but me.

I’ve never heard the footsteps before. My former roommate had, once. After she moved out, she was visiting and spent the night, and she heard the footsteps in the hall outside her bedroom. That was at night. Now it’s like just after noon, and I’m home alone, in the tub(!) and there’s footsteps.

So after the initial surprise has faded, I think to myself, “Well, that’s creepy.” and at that point, I realize there’s nothing to do but carry on with my bath.

Nothing’s been disturbed, nothing’s amis, the cats were both sleeping when I eventually emerged from the tub.

Nothing to do but shrug and chalk it up to the fun of living alone in a 140-year old house.

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