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Tuesday Update

Posted 2010.06.16 8.34 in Family/Friends, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

(Yeah I know it’s Wednesday.)

So no posts for a week. Lots going on, or nothing going on. Or both. I’ve been so intensely exhausted lately, it’s getting increasingly difficult to function. I still get up and go to work, still do most of the stuff that has to be done, but otherwise, there’s no energy left over for anything else.

This world cup thing is on, 3 games a day now in the group stages. I’m cheering for England (till they get eliminated) and in games where England aren’t playing, I cheer for the underdog.

The big thing this week is tomorrow. My dad goes in for surgery to get his cancer removed. I’ll be taking him to the hospital (at 5am…) I haven’t spoken with him in a week or so, I don’t know how he’s doing, but I’m nervous. Haven’t been able to sleep much the last two nights. I’m sure things will work out fine, but I can’t help be concerned — it’s my dad, after all.

More Holga Pics

Posted 2009.09.30 2.06 in Photography by Stephanie

Probably the last roll I shoot with the Holga, at least for now. The camera is starting to get a bit fall-aparty and I swear I’ve only disassembled it twice. The modifications I made were in no way structural, nor did they negatively affect the structural integrity. It’s not my fault!

Anyhow, once again it’s a roll of B&W Lomo 120 film. I’ve been carrying the camera everywhere (it’s a bit big, but it’s light) but I’m usually too wimpy to try taking pictures of strangers. So I just snap here and there, or at home, and often from my car when something catches my eye.

So here’s a few shots from the latest roll.