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Monday Sux Too

Posted 2012.03.05 9.23 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So Monday morning has arrived, but life still sucks.

I hope it’s not going to be another one of those months. I just barely survived February.

The Week in Review

Posted 2011.06.17 23.07 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Canada Post sucks.

Vancouver Canucks failed.

Work was hectic and occasionally stressful.

The weather was ok.

That is all.

Insomnia Still Sucks

Posted 2009.07.25 0.36 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Half past midnight. Tossing and turning for an hour, trying to sleep. Not even a little bit tired.

What to do in situations like these?

Get up, do chores.

Insomnia sucks.

This Sucks!

Posted 2009.07.16 5.45 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I woke up at 5:30 this morning, thirsty. Got up, drank some water, went back to bed thinking, thank the Gods it’s Saturday, if I can get back to sleep I can sleep in.


Then I start thinking, wait, is it Saturday?


Crap – this is Friday… so I can’t sleep in, gotta go to work. But at least, tomorrow I can sleep in. Happy.


Wait a minute – it’s not even Friday, is it? ┬áIt’s frakking Thursday. Dagnabbit. Grumbles.

This sucks.

Medicate Me

Posted 2007.08.19 0.00 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So I’m flipping channels on the TV. On the Discovery Channel is some guy who goes on about how other people have dangerous work, and he goes and hangs out with them till they get some footage. He joins up with some cops in some city, and they go looking for drugs. Specifically, for Meth labs. In the cops’ lead in, they talked about how dangerous meth labs are because the manufacturing process is dangerous. I didn’t notice any big spiel about the drugs themselves being dangerous, just the manufacture. And the guys making them, the cops indicated that the manufacturers are dangerous.

So they go off and raid some houses. Suspected, alleged houses. They only showed one on the TV and I didn’t see if they had a warrant or not. Nobody was home, so they let themselves in, and a dozen or more heavily armed men in black clothes and jackboots tromped through this house, searching it. They scored a bottle of perscription drugs, and a tiny amount of weed at the bottom of a tin cookie box.

Then it sort of hit me. They’re acting on a tip. They admitted this. Someone called the cops and said, they think this house is a drug lab. That’s all. Someone, maybe didn’t like his neighbor, calls in a tip and presto – the men with black boots and guns are storming the place, searching it, finding your tylenol and the last traces of your weed.

That was the first point of feeling uncomfortable with the society I was seeing on TV.

So I flipped some more channels, and came into a teaser for a news segment – Americans using more perscription drugs than ever! They showed footage of a drug lab (the legal kind) with a million white pills flowing out of a machine and into a big bin.

That was the second point of feeling uncomfortable with the society I was seeing on TV.

I flipped some more channels and found a black and white war movie about WWII. Finaly – something where the morals are clear-cut and you can trust everyone (good guys and bad) to act accordingly.

Back to the drug thing.. I’m sure this is no great revalation to anyone other than me. Why is there such a big brouhaha about ‘illegal street drugs’? Because the big drug companies don’t like competition. That’s why. It’s legal and acceptable to buy your frigging anti-depressants, pain killers, mood lifters, and cholesterol fighters. Those cost a shit-load of money and that money goes to the big companies, and the politicians they support. You buy something recreational, and that money’s not going to a corporation or a politician. You see the problem here?

It’s the same with their internet gambling laws yes? It’s not technically illigal to gamble online, but they’ve made it illegal to pay for said gambling. Why? After all, it’s ok to gamble at Atlantic City, Vegas, and buy all the official lottery tickets you want. Well, online gambling is usually foreign, which means that the money isn’t going to the right politician or the right gangster / big business.

But back to drugs. How can they go on and on about how some drugs are bad, then turn around and run advertising for other drugs and say they’re good? Am I the only one who sees the disconnect? I’m not saying that all the recreational pharmaceuticals are hugs and puppies and everything’s ok. I’m just saying… what the hell? The only reason that the recreational stuff is such an issue, is these officials are making it an issue. The reason it’s manufactured by criminals, in unsafe conditions, is because that’s the way the officials have set it up. If you could just go and set up a factory/lab, hire some guys with their chemistry degrees, set up a marketing plan, and get your product on the shelves at the local pharmacy, don’t you think they’d do that?

Think of a world where, instead of seeing your next tv commercial for a new drug that will keep you ‘regular’ you see an ad for the new drug that will make your Friday night real fun. What the hell? They run ads for beer and booze? The TV beer drinking rum sipping fancy liquer crowd are a pretty happenen bunch, yes? They’re the cool guys, the party guys, the sexy ladies, the slick guys. That’s not much of a stretch from the chillin’ guys smoking their name-brand weed, or the whacky guys dropping the LSD they saw advertised on TV.

Bah. I’ve lost the level of disgust I had earlier, now I’m just babbling.

My Summer Stay-cation, Epilogue

Posted 2007.07.21 0.00 in Uncategorized by Stephanie

The whole summer stay-cation thread kind of fizzled out last week, last Friday actually. I went to work but I was beat and ended up not working very hard or very long. Pissed off home early and then basicaly spent the next 4 or 5 days slacking off around the house – sleeping, napping, relaxing, and resting.

Basically I just shuffled my time-off back a week, so instead of the week of July 9th, I was off the week of July 16th. Thing is, I didn’t exactly go out of my way to tell anyone, nor did I remember to change my voice-mail message or leave a vacation notice on my email. So what people saw was that I was out of town / hard to find through the week of the 9th, then just vanished the week of the 16th.

Anyhow, back to this past Thursday.. went in for the morning to take care of a few minor crisises and that’s when it hit me.

I don’t like my work any more. It’s not fun any more.

I haven’t felt like this in about 7 years. This week off has helped in a way, helped me recharge / keep my sanity / whatever. But it’s also harmed slightly in the sense that… this is what I want to do right now, at least for the short term. Just screw around the house, and not worry about shit.

Now it’s Saturday and I have to return to the rock pile on Monday, I’ll have a zillion voice-mails, emails, faxes, and stuff all waiting for me, people will be all panicky and upset due to my absense and I’ll have a bunch of fires to put out. And the prospect of all that, in less than 48 hours, has made me feel very depressed right now.

I wanna be retired.

Shades of Doubt

My Summer Vacation – Days 3 and 4

Posted 2007.07.12 0.00 in Work by Stephanie

As expected / feared / dreaded, my presence was required in Ottawa to do the other installation. So Wednesday morning found me on a 5-hour drive to the nation’s capitol. Most of which went quite smoothly, thanks to the highway system.

Things changed abruptly on arrival though. In the Toronto area, we always whine and bitch about the traffic and the endless construction. Well either Ottawa is way, way worse than Toronto for traffic and construction, or I was working in Ottawa’s Construction District.

At one point I had to get from the customer’s location to a Staples, and back again. What should have been a 20 minute trip ended up taking an hour, because the roads kept closing. Some closed for construction, others closed for no observable reason. And when they close these roads, they don’t just put up a temporary sign in the road – they actually bolt signs to the light posts that say the road’s closed, and then add those red and green “New” signs next to them. Like, it’s not an inconvenience – it’s a feature! Isn’t this wonderful and exciting and novell – we’ve closed another road! Whee!

The traffic was a bit crazy ontop of all this. I don’t mean, there was more traffic – what I mean is that what traffic was there, seemed a bit crazy. Maybe they were just jumpy from having so many roads closed, like you never know when you set out to work in the morning, if you’ll be able to get home. They might close some roads behind you and leave you stranded.

Other than the navigational excitement, work went fairly smoothly and steadily. It still took time of course, but since I learned how to do it on Tuesday, the assembly / installation on Wednesday wasn’t too bad. Afterwards, I had some dinner at the hotel, did a bit of work via my laptop, and got to sleep early.

Day four started off pretty good in fact. I woke early but didn’t feel too tired, so I had breakfast in the hotel. I wasn’t expecting much so it was quite a surprise when the breakfast proved to be fabulous. The best Eggs Benedict I’ve ever had, were had in the little cafe in the basement of a Best Western hotel in Ottawa. Go figure.

Back at the customer’s place, should have been a very short morning – just install the data file, do a training session, then hit the road. The data install went fast, the training was pretty quick, then we hit a snag. The data wasn’t right. A further hour of frustration ensued, plugging away on my laptop to try and clean up the data file. It was eventually sorted out and re-installed, and things appeared to be good.

So, about noon, I was able to hit the road and ‘enjoy’ another 5-hour drive.

For the last day of my summer holidays, I expect to have to go into the office and deal with whatever emergencies and crisises have developed over the past three days of being incommunicado due to these customer installations.