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Don’t Forget the Cryptospam!

Posted 2009.04.05 8.54 in Life On Drugs, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So this isn’t the first time I forgot to take my pillz – it’s hard to remember ever darn day. And the cryptospam seems to have a built-in reminder mechanism – if you miss a day, then the following day there are dizzy spells, nervous twitches and shakes, and general heebie-jeebieness. ┬áHard to miss, really.

Yet I managed to completely forget yesterday, in spite of the brain-addling reminders.

Every time I’d get an attack of the dizzies, or a wave of nervous twitching or whatever, I was either in the middle of something, or didn’t have access to the drugs. Like, I spent a lot of yesterday at work, and was too busy to stop and take pills. Then I was at the grocery store for a bit. Then when I finally got home, I had a rest. Kept forgetting.

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