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More Fun With Dentists

Posted 2010.04.19 15.33 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Another dentistry day. I guess I’m paying my dues for having avoided dentists for so long. Ok it’s not a guess, it’s a fact.

I knew this was coming back in November – that was the plan. Once the wisdom teeth were out, he could get at the trio of cavities that were hiding at the back. Well, today he got at them.

To be fair, the actual drilling wasn’t so bad. The needles were worse, as usual. Jabby jabby pokey pokey in the gums. Then he accidentally squirted some of the freezing into my mouth and wow that stuff tastes toxic. It tastes like what I imagine drain cleaner would taste like. Just a horrid, horrid nasty medical waste kind of taste.

The other thing that I really don’t enjoy is the sensation of being tipped upside-down, in that scary mechanical chair contraption, while they fill my mouth up with stainless steel and water. Being in that position triggers my sleep apnea only not while sleeping, so my throat keeps trying to close up and I can’t breath. So they’re busy excavating, one pipe bringing water in, another pipe taking water out (but not as fast as it’s coming in) and all the power tools and stuff, I’m clinging to the chair to keep from sliding headfirst out of it, and gagging for air… Actually that might be slightly worse than the needles. Or not. I’m not sure.

Oh and the other other thing is, just before he started working he cranked up his radio to full blast. He thinks that music blaring at full volume helps people relax and takes their mind off the drill. Maybe for some people. I can’t stand loud noises. I hate going to clubs and stuff like that where there’s noise and music blaring away. The loud blaring music was as relaxing to me as, well… it’s just not relaxing at all.

Think about taking a cat to the vet then the vet turns on his shop-vac and sets it next to your cat, to help the cat calm down. Yeah. Loud music. Car horns. Jackhammers. Crying babies. Chainsaws. And for that matter, vacuums. They all have the same effect on me, and that effect is not a calming one. Fortunately at one point I was able to ask them to turn off the radio.

That was all this morning though. Now the freezing has worn off, and I’m just left with a nagging ache in one of the teeth he worked on. Or maybe it’s all three of them, but one is worse than the others.

I really hate going to the dentist.

Still Here… Still Sore.

Posted 2010.03.07 12.24 in Computers/Internet/Technology, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Blink and it’s like four days passed… I’m still here, but the pain comes and goes. A friend has suggested that it might be what they call a ‘dry socket’… she had this when her wisdom teeth were removed. What happens is the gums don’t fully close where the tooth was, leaving a bit of the bone exposed. Then any time some food or whatever gets into the socket, it touches that exposed bone and causes pain. If it’s there for a long time it can lead to infection. So I have to talk to the dentist again this week and ask if this could be what I’m experiencing.

When something gets in there, the pain starts within a minute or so, then in about 10 or 15 minutes the pain has spread to include my ear, and then it continues to spread till it’s encompased the entire side of my head. Then it just stays like that, till I can get the bit of food out – which can take a long time, the only way to remove it is by doing lots and lots of rinsing with water.

It takes all the joy out of eating.

Anyhow, so I’ve been trying to keep my mind off that with other distractions. I don’t remember if I ever officially stated in the blob that I had no intentions of learning to do coding for the Nintendo DS, but I definately officially had no intentions to learn how to do coding for the Nintendo DS.

Unsurprisingly, 3 months later, I’m learning to do coding for the Nintendo DS. Nothing pretty or fancy – I’m no gamer, I’m terrible at playing games and have no interest in trying to make them. But simple things, exploring the technology and whatnot, making it do things, making stuff happen. That’s where I’m at.

Test Inputs Screenshot

So I wrote a simple utility that tests all the inputs (i.e. buttons and touchscreen) and does a few funky things, plays sounds and moves a ‘sprite’ around, utilizes the two screens, and so on and so forth. The screenshot makes it look very lame and boring, but I had lots of fun making it, and it kept my mind off the pain and hunger for a few days.

There’s already lots of other little utilities that do the same thing as this, but this one is mine and does things my way. Aside from doing the obvious, it also has some fun little things that it can do, by pressing the right keys.

It was also a good primer for moving on to try doing some other things with it. Maybe like graphics – I understand people enjoy graphics, these days.

So that’s about where it’s at, right now.


Good, Bad

Posted 2010.02.28 9.34 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Good: Blair’s Death Rain potato chips. The spiciest, hottest chips there are.

Bad: Getting a piece of the spiciest chips in the world jammed into the hole in your gums where your wisdom tooth was recently removed.

Worse: Continuing to eat the chips anyways.

Good: Codeine. Not just good, it’s f-ing great.

Bad: Quickly developing a resistance to codeine.

Worse: Running out of codeine.

No Crunching This Time

Posted 2010.02.22 18.37 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I had my last wisdom tooth out earlier today. This time there was no crunching at all, which surprised me as all the previous ones were very crunchy. And when it was over with, I did ask what makes the crunching noises. They said that it’s not one thing, but a combination. Some of it can be the pliers forceps digging into the tooth as they grasp it, sometimes if the tooth is unhealthy it can get a bit crushed or it can break up, and sometimes they have to break the tooth up intentionally and remove it in pieces.

So that’s the answer. But today, no crunching.

The needling was ouchie, it felt like he stuck me 4 or 5 times, and the stuff they put in seems to hurt when it goes in, but of course after a minute or so, things are numbing up very fast.

I was really tense and nervous today, more so than last time, but other than the jabby needle stuff, it went pretty quick. Now I’m just achy and grumbly.

At least it’s over, though.

Not So Wise

Posted 2010.01.02 9.24 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I know some people find x-rays to be freaky. I guess I do too, but also fascinating at the same time. Take this image for instance:

I keep looking at it, and wondering how they’re gonna get the tooth on the left out, without messing up its neighbor to the right. I mean, they’re not just touching, they’re wedged together. There’s jawbone behind it, a tooth infront of it, and it’s wedged.

Granted it’s not badly wedged – I mean, I’ve seen xrays of badly wedged teeth and this one is barely on the radar for that sort of thing. It’s just – well I can’t figure out how they can pull it out without messing up the one next to it.

For a wisdom tooth, it seems rather unwise.

Alert the CTU!

Posted 2009.12.08 19.23 in Life On Drugs, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So I had to meet the dental surgeon this morning… ¬†folks have been telling me to get my wisdom teeth out, and I finally worked up the courage to go and meet the guy for a consultation. You know, a quick look, then find out how bad it was going to be, how much it was going to hurt and how much it was going to cost.

I should have known better.

Right away, he knew about the microfilm hidden in my top-left wisdom tooth. Either he has great eyes, or he was tipped off. So he says he’s going to take that tooth right away! Next thing I know, I’m in The Chair, in The Room, and they’re hooking me up to a machine.

While they left me for a few minutes to contemplate my fate, I realized they hadn’t searched me – I still had my iPhone with me! I immediately texted my sister, asking her for help: contact agent Bauer, send in the rescue team get me out of there!

By now, the surgeon’s staff had realized their mistake. They activated the x-ray machine, disrupting my iPhone’s GPS, so my sister couldn’t get my coordinates. That’s when they came at me with the needles.

The rescue team never turned up. I lost the tooth, they got the microfilm, and now they know the secret plans and the location of the gold. Plus, I’m “experiencing discomfort” and feeling grumpy.

Monday Update

Posted 2009.10.19 9.42 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Well, I survived the weekend. First, I found a combination of drugs that got the pain down to managable levels, and as a side-bonus it was pretty good at knocking me out so I could get some sleep. Two Tylenol-3 pills and three Robax Platinum pills seemed to do the trick. I didn’t take them all at the same time, but with about an hour in between the first two and the last three. The combination of acetominophen, caffein, codein, ibuprofen, and muscle relaxant seemed to do the trick.

Then Saturday I saw the dentist. It was a freaky and stressful situation. I’m not scared of dentists, I’m scared of dentistry, and even then, I’m only scared of it when it is going on in my mouth. It doesn’t phase me that other people get dental work done. And dentists themselves aren’t frightening, when you meet them on the street or whatever. It’s only when they’ve got both hands in your mouth, half a pound of stainless steel in your mouth, pipes and tubes and sharp pokey things… well you get the picture.

So the tooth that had betrayed me and was causing all this pain was ultimately removed. In accordance with Canadian biohazard & medical waste processes, the tooth will be ground to a fine powder and sprinkled over a crossroads under the next full moon, by the seventh son of a seventh son.

The seething unbearable pain is now reduced to a much milder, bearable level (and hopefully that too will fade to nothing in the near future.) I still have to take the antibiotics though, and they’re giving me grumblies in my tumblie. However, I am proud of myself for the fact that I did go and see a dentist, that I was able to make rational decisions while I was there, and followed through with things. If you’re a normal person then this may not seem like much, but if you have any kind of dental phobia, you’ll understand this was an achievement.

I’m fairly certain that other things went on during the weekend but can’t really remember anything specific at the moment. That could be a result of the various cocktails of drugs in my system. I know my desk looks like a little pharmacy, with all the pill bottles. I did take some photos yesterday but haven’t had a chance to review them, if there are any decent ones I’ll post them up tonight.