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Stupid Math Answer

Posted 2009.04.21 9.41 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

A while back I posted a Stupid Math Question which was designed to test people’s cognative abilities, comprehension, attention to detail, and above-all, the ability to see beyond the obvious. 

The post contained a lengthy set-up paragraph which was phrased in a format remeniscent of the detailed questions we used to get in math class at school; a scenario was presented, some facts provided, numbers thrown at you, then finally the actual question or equation which you were instructed to “solve”.

In my own Stupid Math Question, the actual question was was placed separate to the “informative” paragraph, the question was bold and underlined. The question was: 

Can you tell how many sidings both trains will pass before one of them must pull over so they can cross?

Read on, to discover the answer!

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