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Hugh on the Trumpet

Posted 2014.08.25 16.59 in Family/Friends by Stephanie

Here’s a brief clip of my dad Hugh playing his trumpet to one of the arrangements he wrote. The other parts are being played by the computer.

Trumpets and Macros

Posted 2009.08.11 19.56 in Aquaria, Photography by Stephanie

I recently found yet another uninvited guest in my aquarium – a ‘trumpet’ snail. These guys burrow in the substrate so they spend a lot of time out of sight. The burrowing is good, as it churns up the gravel and helps prevent ‘dead spots’ from forming. On the down-side, some resources say they reproduce parthenogenetically, meaning an unfertilized female can reproduce all by herself. So they might have the potential to multiply out of control.

Trumpet Snail, front and back

Trumpet Snail, 1/2 inch long, front and back.

I’ve already got an out-of-control situation with the physas (tadpole snails) and the planorbids (ramshorns). Add to that the bithynias (faucet snails) and now this trumpet and I’ve pretty much run the gamut on ‘dang pest snails’.

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