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Overlord! Update

Posted 2017.02.04 12.46 in iPhone by Stephanie

It’s another app, another app update! My calendar app Overlord! has just been updated to version 3.0 with some improvements and bugfixes.

Get it at the App Store!

Overlord v. 3

Dammit WordPress!

Posted 2011.07.04 22.29 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

Oh FFS, I just upgraded to 3.1.4 like two days ago and now you’re hitting us with another update?

What’s the deal with two updates in one week?

Dammit this gets annoying!

Just an Aside…

Posted 2010.11.19 16.54 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

Normally I think of updates to WordPress the same way I think of vitamins. That is, something you use because you’re probably slightly better off with them, than without them.

It’s not been as bad lately – at one point it seemed like every other week there was an update that WordPress was nagging me about.

This time, however, I’m actually looking forward to the next upgrade. There’s this new feature that I’ve read about, where you can have different ‘post types’ – like, normal posts, little quick ‘aside’-type posts, picture posts, video posts, et cetera.

There’s been lots of times I would have liked to post some quick little one- or two-liner, some short thing that seemed appropirate at the moment. But it always seemed not to fit – like, you have the title, category, tags, excerpt, et cetera, and you end up with the meta data being three times the size of the actual post. So I’d just skip it, and the world would suffer a tiny bit more because it was robbed the benefit of my wonderful tidbits of wisdom. 😉

But this new post-type thing sounds like just the thing. Of course the ‘aside’ type is what I’m thinking of, but photo-types would be handy too. One’s theme has to be able to take advantage of the post types, but that’s no problem. I’m already thinking about updating my new theme so it’s ready to use the new features as soon as they’re available.

This is supposed to come in WordPress 3.1 which is coming some time in December. I might even grab a beta and get a head start, if I’m not too busy.

Liber Umbrarum et Lux Approved

Posted 2010.11.04 12.14 in iPhone by Stephanie

I’m behind-schedule, but the 2.0 upgrade for Liber Umbrarum et Lux was approved and hit the app store on Monday!

You can download it free from App Store.

I’m also behind-schedule in updating the LUetL page here, with support info for the 2.0 upgrade. I’ll try and get that done quickly. It’s been another one of those Oh What A Week That Was weeks.

PassGenR 2.0 Submitted

Posted 2010.09.26 11.27 in iPhone by Stephanie

This morning I submitted the 2.0 upgrade of PassGenR to the App Store.

I hope to hear back from them within the week, if it’s been approved or not.

As usual all the processes seemed different, it seems like a lot has changed since my last brush with the App Store last year.

I’ll update my PassGenR app page shortly, with the new screenshots, icon, and all the new details on usage and features et cetera.

Dingoo Mod – to the EXTREEEM!

Posted 2010.06.02 18.32 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

For no really good reason, I had to mod a Dingoo A320 with a memory upgrade. The 320 has 32MB of RAM, but the A330 has 64MB of RAM. IMHO the A320 has more going for it, fewer glitches, than the 330. But the 330 has more memory…

So you can see how I’d already be vaguely thinking about it. Then over on Dingoonity, a user named flaming_goat asked if it would be possible. Well you know there’s no turning back after that…

I read up on the chips in the 330, and the chips in the 320. I checked my 320 to see how it was wired. It looked feasable. None of my tests said it would fail, so the only way to know for sure was to try it.

DigiKey had the chips I wanted and they were only about $12.50 for a pair of them. No turning back now…

Detailed instructions follow below the fold…

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Home Made Camera: Update

Posted 2009.10.12 10.29 in Hobbies, Photography by Stephanie

So after all the excitement on Saturday of taking and processing pictures from my home-made camera, yesterday I sort of settled down and evaluated.

Pinhole shots are expected to be ‘soft’ but my shots were too soft. I asked around, and it was suggested that the hole I was using was too big. I wasn’t sure how to measure things that are in the less-than-millimeter range, but then I got an idea – I’d use my negative scanner, and scan at a super-high resolution, then just count the pixels of the hole.

It worked, and also provided a very good enlarged view of my pinhole – not only was it too big, it was a mis-shapen mess! The pinhole equivalent of trying to take pictures with a lens that was cracked and scratched all over. No wonder my shots were so ‘soft’ aka blurry.


You can see in this comparison, the left side is the pinhole I was using on Saturday. Yuck! The right side is a new pinhole I made, that I’ll use on my next roll to see how it goes. It ought to be much sharper. The funny thing is these pinholes were both made with the same pin, in the same piece of aluminum – just obviously I was way more careful on the second one.

On the camera itself, I also finished up some more work on it yesterday – I decided that the winding knobs are good enough so I finished them off, I have a simple but effective mechanism for holding the back in place, and I added a second ‘shutter’ that hopefully will work in tandem with the pinhole – i.e. allow me to open and close the aperture without moving the camera around too much.

Camera Front

Camera Front

Here is the face of the camera. The knobs have been finished off, and I’ve added a new shutter mechanism for the pinhole module.

Closeup of Pinhole

Closeup of Pinhole

The pinhole is punched in a razor-thin piece of aluminum, I’ve actually got three different holes in the aluminum so I could move it around and select the different holes. The aluminum is held in place by the brass strap, which is coated with black felt at the back.

The shutter is another piece of brass which rotates up out of the way. The pivot point has two washers and a spring, which allows me to adjust the tension while still keeping it tight. It too has black felt coating its back. There is a brass ‘pin’ to stop the shutter at the right point when it is closed.

Camera Back

Camera Back

The back of the camera is held in place by a fairly simple system, although I could improve it later. At the bottom of the camera I added two small bits of wood to hold the bottom of the back, and towards the top at the sides I drilled two very small holes, and just have a pair of brass nails that slide in and out, to hold the upper part of the back in place. I added another brass nail as a ‘handle’ to help extract the back once the sliding nails are out of the way.

The process of taking pictures is wonderfully complicated: First you set the camera in position on a tripod or whatever, angle it as best you can. There’s no view finder, just point and hope. It is a ‘wide angle’ so it will capture quite a bit of the scene. Second, you slide up the darkslide / safety shutter, after ensuring the pinhole shutter is closed. Third, rotate the pinhole shutter to the open position, being careful not to jiggle the camera.

Count off the exposure time, then rotate the pinhole shutter to the closed position. Fifth, slide the darkslide / safety shutter closed. And finally, crank the film advance knob while looking through the back window, to get the film to the next frame.