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Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade

Posted 2009.03.30 15.13 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

Why is it that every time I update a wordpress plugin, there’s a new version available? I have this one that as soon as I installed it, like the day after there was an upgrade available. So I put it off and put it off, then finally yesterday I did the upgrade. ┬áMake the stupid upgrade notice go away. So you know what? Yeah. Today there’s another upgrade.

I mean, I know that it’s most likely a bugfix, what is irking me is that this upgrade happened less than 24 ┬áhours after I caved in and installed the last upgrade.

Now I’m thinking of just deleting the plugin. It’s not anything critical anyways, not like it’s driving my dropdown menus or anything like that. It would be nice though if they’d at least say what had changed – I couldn’t find that last time, like what’s different between 3.0.1 and 3.0.3 that would make me want to go through the process?

I understand that WordPress itself is going to release a big upgrade next month. They’ve rejiggered how widgets work and done some stuff to how themes work. I hope it doesn’t mean having to redo all the work I’ve just finished on my theme. Grrr. Not that I want things to be static and unchanging, but… it’s just annoying to have to do things over and over.

I guess one doesn’t have to upgrade. But then you get stuck on some older thing, ignoring progress and clinging to outdated software isn’t good either.

I dunno.