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Alpha the Betta

Posted 2009.08.03 8.37 in Aquaria, Photography, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

This week, I decided to adopt a Betta fish (Betta splendens). See, when I moved all my fish and snails to the 23 gallon aquarium, I had my original 5.5 gallon starter tank sitting empty. Empty empty empty. I wanted to set it up again, do it right this time, but 5.5 gallon is hardly enough for anything. One fish, really. What good-looking fish does best alone? The male Siamese Fighting Fish!

Alpha the Betta

So meet my betta — I named him Alpha. Alpha the Betta. His home is my 5.5 gallon aquarium. It’s the Alpha Betta Base. I love his gradiated blue colours, and the splash of red on his two lower fins. He’s not the flashiest or most-colourful betta, but I like him. And now I’m going to break into a rant about how some people treat fish in general and bettas in particular, so if you aren’t up for a rant, don’t read on.

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