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Snail Eggs Update

Posted 2009.11.14 17.25 in Aquaria by Stephanie

There’s still two clutches, I’ve left them where they are to let them incubate where the snail(s) put them.

The first clutch is now two weeks old. It’s awkwardly placed on the back of a filter, and I don’t think I’d be able to get it off without damaging it anyways. When it hatches, the babies will just drop down into the tank I guess. The first clutch is the larger one, being over 2 inches long I think.

First Clutch, 2 weeks along

First Clutch, 2 weeks along

It could just be wishful thinking, but it looks to me that the clutch is starting to turn colour, and I can see what I think are black spots in some of the eggs – little dark coloured babies maybe?

With luck, the first clutch will hatch some time in the next week or so – I’ve read 3 weeks is a common incubation period.

The second clutch is in a better spot for watching and dealing with – I could put a net breeder under it, or even try and knock it off into a net, if I wanted to put the babies somewhere else.

If 3 weeks is the magic number, then the second one has about another fortnight to go.

Second Clutch, 1 week along.

Second Clutch, 1 week along.

The second clutch is small, only about an inch and a half long, and a half inch around.

Eggs! Snail Eggs! Yay!

Posted 2009.11.01 12.11 in Aquaria by Stephanie
Snail Eggs!

Snail Eggs!

This morning I had a surprise discovery! Snail Eggs!

Now that’s a happy hallowe’en treat!

I’ve been watching and waiting for eggs since early August, but my snailies have been leaving me frustrated. Till now!


They’re squeezed into a super-awkward spot behind one of the filters – the snail must have shoved the filter out of the way a bit just to get in there. It’s a crummy picture because of the wierd angle I needed to twist into, to get the shot.

Now – will they hatch? How many will hatch? Too many? Not enough? Any?

It’s a new and improved kind of waiting and wondering.

Terminated with Extreme Contrition

Posted 2006.10.04 0.00 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

It never seems to fail. Stuff gets me all frustrated and angry and it builds up and builds up and builds up until finaly I snap (technical term is “Twang”, as in, the sound a piano string makes when it is wound too tight and finaly breaks).

So yesterday I cut loose with a big ranting rage-a-thon, my ire directed at Canada Post. They keep not delivering some stuff I ordered weeks ago.

Well what do I find out now? The folks who I ordered it from, the folks who last week told me it was shipped and the delay was probaby with Canada Customs…they tell me in fact they haven’t shipped it, it’s on backorder, they don’t know when it will ship, they can’t even tell me when they will know, for another week!

Some new ranting rage building there. Anyhow, so it’s not Canada Post’s fault (this time) and now I feel bad about the big explody ranttastic post, so I’ve removed it. Maybe later I’ll have a big explody rant-a-thon about lying liars who lie about shipments.

Dang It!

Posted 2006.08.12 0.00 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So my elephants never showed up on Friday. No mail at all. I know Monday was a holiday but that’s no excuse for the rest of the week! The only mail I got all week long was some junk-mail on Tuesday and on Thursday.

It’s a conspiracy, I tells ya! I want my stuff! I’m frustrated and impatient without my stuff!

I want to order more stuff, but I don’t like having too much stuff outstanding so I can’t order more stuff till I get the stuff that’s already on order.

Dang it.

Where’s My Elephant?!

Posted 2006.08.10 0.00 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I hate waiting for parcels and packages. I went a little e-bay happy last week and now I’m waiting on 4 parcels from 4 different vendors. I know for sure two of them were shipped right away, I know one of them usually ships really fast, and I ought to have received at least two of these packages by now.

So here I am, frustrated and impatient, wondering where’s my stuff. Getting cross with the mailman every time he doesn’t show up with the goods. Getting impatient with everyone who walks by or drives by because they’re not the mailman bringing me my stuff. Hey! You’re not the mailman!

And the refrain starts up in my mind, Where’s my elephant? Where’s my elephant? Where’s my elephant?

Dude, Where’s My Elephant?!

Stampy the Elephant
Bart got his Elephant.