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Random Rotating Medicine Labels

Posted 2010.08.15 10.55 in Life On Drugs by Stephanie

With the cryptospam and this new wellbutrin stuff, I’ve been on mind-altering drugs for almost two years now. That’s a lot of visits to the pharmacy to get prescriptions filled or refilled.

One thing I’ve noticed is that they almost always stick one or two of those little warning labels on the bottle, but they rarely use the same labels.

Some months I should take with food. Other months I’m to avoid operating heavy machinery. Some months I’m advised not to take the drugs with alcohol. This month the warning says that the drugs may cause dizziness.

So this leaves me contemplating what this all really means.

  • Maybe the medicine has every possible side-affect and every possible warning applies, but they can only fit one or two labels on the bottle, so they’re sort of giving them to me in series and one day I’ll have them all.
  • Maybe the medicine is a placebo and they can’t remember what they told me to avoid last month, so they just stick a warning on there and hope for the best.
  • Maybe the manufacturer can’t make the medicine the same way from month to month so every month it’s a different formula and hence has different properties, and different warnings apply.
  • Maybe the medicine is totally safe but the pharmacist wants to use up his supply of warning labels so he can order new ones.
  • Or maybe it’s completely random and they just slap any old warning label on every bottle that they give to their mentally unstable clients just to mess with us and keep us guessing.

Only thing I know for certain is, if there’s no “don’t take with alcohol” label, then it means that the pillz are perfectly safe to take with booze. Even if they weren’t last month.

Caution: Warning Labels Ahead

Posted 2006.09.13 0.00 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Here’s a fun website I came across this morning. It lets you make your own warning signs / labels. They have a selection of sign styles, a selection of graphic images, and then you key in your own warning text.

The graphics seem to be mostly confined to serious ones, with one or two exceptions. But, you can type anything you want at all.


Warning Label Generator

Beware of Blog

Without Warning

Posted 2006.06.28 0.00 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

You know that expression ‘without warning’, as in ‘without warning, the tornado struck’ or ‘without warning, the truck tire came through their car window’?

I hate that expression. It is just really, really stupid.

I mean, in general terms, every time I have heard that expression used, it was just plain wrong. Either there was plenty of warning and the foolish people just chose to ignore it, or the situation was one that did not lend itself to warning. I mean, the phrase is always used in a way that implies that there is some shock or feeling of injustice about the lack of warning. Like, oh, if only we were warned that was about to happen, maybe so many people wouldn’t have gotten hurt or the property wouldn’t have got damaged.


The tornado gave plenty of warning – there was a big storm, it was tornado season, the storm was a meso-cyclone, there was a lowering, a rotating wall cloud descended at the inflow/outflow boundary; how much more warning could the storm have given? A big neon-light that said “Grab your camcorder, there’s a tornado a-coming!”?

The truck tire came through the windshield ‘without warning’ — well what did you expect? “Ding!” “Oh look dear, the ‘danger truck tire’ light on the dashboard just came on. Better pull over and let it roll on by.” “Ok Ethel.”

Oh, or “without warning, lightning struck the young man” — as he was out videotaping a thunder storm, standing next to a freaking radio antenna tower! There was plenty of warning! IT’S CALLED THUNDER YOU MORON!

I feel that the expression “Without Warning” should be stricken from common usage. Seriously. You know when it’s really applicable? When the warning mechanism failed.

Like, “without warning, my hard drive crashed.” “Bummer! Didn’t the S.M.A.R.T. drive status mechanism give you any warning at all?” “No, that’s the really wierd thing, it went from passing all tests, to failure, without any warning.” “Wierd.”

Or how about “Damn, my engine siezed up. Turned out I was out of oil!” “What? What about the ‘check engine’ light? Or the oil pressure gauge?” “Nope, nothing. No warning at all.” “Bummer.”

“Without warning, Stephanie snapped.” “Well what kind of warning were you looking for?” “Well, last time she said ‘I’m going to snap’ first. Then she snapped.” “Huh.”