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Long Weekend Update

Posted 2012.06.30 10.33 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

It’s a long weekend! Yay!

Tomorrow is Canada Day, which is about the only time of the year I do any entertaining. So rather than relaxing and slacking off for the long weekend, I’m really busy getting ready for tomorrow – got some family and friends coming, gotta make sure the house, the yard, and the food, are all just right.

In other (aka electronics) news, I’m waiting for my ISEB6-MkII boards to come back from the fabricator. I’ve heard that the boards have been made, they just have to be separated and mailed. So probably another 10 to 14 days to go.

In the meantime I’ve got most (but not all) of the components onhand now. I did my Digi-Key order last week, and in my haste forgot a few things (and made a few typos, doh!) When the boards do arrive, I’ll start populating one, and get the last of the parts in.

The waiting is really frustrating though, and I have to continually remind myself not to go back into Eagle and keep tinkering with the design!

Apart from that, we’re in another little ‘heat wave’ again. Temps in the high 80’s outside, flirting with 80’s inside. I do have A/C but I’m too frugal to turn it on. It’s more fun to tough it out. And if it does feel too hot, I just have to remember February. Any February.

Having my front door freeze shut so I have to chip my way out of the house, then shovel the walk, then scrape ice off the car… I’ll take a heat-wave any time thanks.

Anyways it’s not nearly as ‘bad’ as the heatwave last week – at night it’s still dropping into the 60’s, so I just open the windows wide at night to let the cool in. Then mostly-close them during the day to keep the heat out.

Oh and last thing, I finally found my instant coffee, but they’re still messing with me. They’ve changed the packaging from 150g to 100g. It was ‘on sale’ when I got it, but I’m skeptically waiting to see what the ‘not on sale’ price will be. If they sell it at the old price, that’s basically a 35% price hike.

Disappointing Weekend

Posted 2012.03.04 22.32 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

You know it hasn’t been a great weekend when you’re wishing Monday morning would just hurry up and get here already!

Camera Quest – Intermission

Posted 2011.07.20 20.10 in Hobbies, Photography by Stephanie

After the first three parts of my  “Compact Camera Quest”, I have temporarily run out of words. I have three more parts outlined but the words stopped flowing for a while.

So in lieu of part four, we’ll break for a little light music, and you are all encouraged to stretch your legs, head on out to the lobby, and avail yourselves of some refreshments and light snacks.

In the meantime, here are a couple images I took over the past weekend. Cheers!

The pics are a bit grainy, but then it was ISO 800 film, and I suspect my chemistry is getting a bit tired. On the other hand, overall I’m pleased with the results.

Wreck of a Weekend

Posted 2011.04.25 9.23 in Aquaria, Sports, Uncategorized by Stephanie

What a miserable crappy long weekend. The weather wasn’t as bad as forcast, though it was still fairly dreary. That wasn’t the worst of it though.

Thursday night was supposed to be good but instead I had to watch first Montreal, then Vancouver lose their playoff games. One disappointment after the next.

Friday was marginally better, with a new Fringe episode – although I didn’t think it was that great an ep. Too much telling, not enough showing.

Then Saturday night Montreal lost yet again. Three losses in a row now.

And last night was Vancouver’s turn to drop their third in a row. They were up 3-nil in the series, now it’s on to game seven.

And through all of this, my beloved pet snails had been dying off. I don’t know what the hell happened exactly, because the fish and frog in the same tank have been doing fine. Just all the snails died. The last couple died on Sunday. Including Little Buddy, who had been with me for nearly two years. He was my little methusela snail, the one who wouldn’t die. Till yesterday.

RIP Little Buddy.

What a crappy weekend. Nothing good came out of it, just disappointment and sadness.

Weekend Weather

Posted 2011.04.21 8.37 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Looks like we’re in for an awesome long weekend!

Yay weather!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted 2010.10.11 13.48 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So, holiday here in Canada. Thanksgiving. Day off.

It’s good because I really need a long weekend so I can get caught up on the housework and caught up on the office work.

So instead of taking advantage of the extra day off, I accomplished nothing on Saturday, yesterday was dinner with the family, and today I’m on track for another epic failure to achieve.

Ah well. Maybe there’ll be another long weekend next month…

Eight-Day Week

Posted 2010.08.09 9.24 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Who decided that two days of rest was sufficient to recover and recharge after five days of work? Whomever it was, I disagree.

It is my strong belief that every weekend should consist of three days. One day to recover and recharge from work, one day to do the housework and chores, and one day to play.

I realize that if we reduce every work-week to four days, the economy could suffer. Consequently, I have now decided that we will extend the week to eight days, with the additional day being added to the weekend.

Henceforth, the week shall consist of the following days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will remain the traditional ‘work week’. Saturday, Sunday, and Stephday will be the weekend.

The eight-day week will go into effect starting September 1st, 2010.