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Snow Tires & Thread Counts

Posted 2010.11.13 10.42 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Last month was about the toys, this month is about being all grown-up and doing responsible stuff. Well, mostly.

I’ve had a few slow-leaks in my car tires for the last couple months and it’s annoying (not to mention bad for fuel-efficiency) to be driving around on half-flat tires all the time, and having to keep refilling them. Plus, my local gas station started charging for air recently so you have to keep a bunch of quarters with you if you need to refill all your tires.

So I thought, it’s going to be winter soon. Rather than getting another set of all-seasons, I’ll get my first-ever set of winter tires. They’re all new and shiney and nubbly – big deep nubbly treads. Well ok they aren’t actually shiney. But they’re new and nubbly! Say it with me: nubbly.

Now I’m thinking, my mum has a set of winters and a set of regular tires, but only one set of rims. So twice a year she has to get them swapped out which takes time and money. And I’m no car expert person, but I have to think that it’s got to cause extra wear on the tyres and the rims to be swapped on and off every year, then they have to be rebalanced and all that mumbo-jumbo.

So my plan is to try and save up over the next 6 months or so, for a set of sexy attractive rims and tires. Then I can keep the winter ones on the original rims (which aren’t ugly but aren’t snazzy either) and in the summer, have some sexy sporty looking wheels on my car.

And finally, having a complete set of winter wheels (rims and tyres) means that swapping them out with winter/summer isn’t such a chore – just like changing a tire, quick and easy. I could even do it myself (in some bizzare alternative mirror-universe.)

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Chair Wheels & Wheel Chairs

Posted 2010.01.05 21.19 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

A few months ago, I was trying to solve the problem of an office chair on a hardwood floor. The hard plastic wheels are hell on the floor, and they’re not very good on low-cost office carpeting either. Why else would they try and sell those carpet protectors or floor protectors?

The thing is, those protectors don’t really do much good. They might slow the problem down a bit, but they don’t really help much.¬†So I had been trying to think of a replacement chair, that would have rubber wheels. And that led me to a wheelchair.

I was trying it out and comparing it, to see if it was a good substitute. The wheelchair worked pretty good, in that it rolled really well, and the rubber tyres were quite friendly to the hardwood floor. Except it turned out that the office chair has two movements that the wheelchair just can’t match. Office chairs can go sideways, and can swivel in place.¬†Eventually, I ended up using the office chair and letting the cats sleep on the wheel chair. Still, I was sure there must be a solution.

And a few months later, the solution has arrived. A recent Staples catalogue advertised a new product: chair casters with rubber tyres. Yep – now you can modify your office chair so it has hardwood-friendly rubber tyres.

I can report, it rolls smoothly and quietly. Maybe a bit too smoothly. But so far, so good.

See? If there’s something you don’t like about the world, just blog about it then occasionally grump about it to your friends, and eventually the problem will solve itself. It’s just that easy!