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Full Contact Solitaire

Posted 2010.02.18 13.12 in Computers/Internet/Technology, Life On Drugs by Stephanie

So I was playing solitaire on my Nintendo DS, when I caught the DS cheating. I’d been suspicious of it for some time, but this time I definately caught it playing around with me, and then we got into an argument. It went something like this:

Me: Ooh, a red six. I can put that on the black seven!.
DS: No, that doesn’t go there.
Me: What do you mean? Red sixes go on black sevens.
DS: It’s not a six, it’s an eight, see?
Me: It was a six! You changed it!
DS: Hahaha!
Me: Well bugger it, I’m putting the red eight on the black seven anyways!
DS: You can’t that’s against the rules.
Me: Heck with your rules, you’re not the boss of me!
DS: I might not be the boss of you, but I am the boss of this game. So what I say goes!
Me: Well screw it then. I’m going to play some Star Trek. I hacked that so I am the boss there. You’re going to be the Klingons and I’m going to kick your ass all over the Gorath sector!
DS: Fuck.

That’s exactly how it went down. And I did kick its ass in Star Trek.

p.s. Yes I know I’m a geek.