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Good, Bad

Posted 2010.02.28 9.34 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Good: Blair’s Death Rain potato chips. The spiciest, hottest chips there are.

Bad: Getting a piece of the spiciest chips in the world jammed into the hole in your gums where your wisdom tooth was recently removed.

Worse: Continuing to eat the chips anyways.

Good: Codeine. Not just good, it’s f-ing great.

Bad: Quickly developing a resistance to codeine.

Worse: Running out of codeine.

No Crunching This Time

Posted 2010.02.22 18.37 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I had my last wisdom tooth out earlier today. This time there was no crunching at all, which surprised me as all the previous ones were very crunchy. And when it was over with, I did ask what makes the crunching noises. They said that it’s not one thing, but a combination. Some of it can be the pliers forceps digging into the tooth as they grasp it, sometimes if the tooth is unhealthy it can get a bit crushed or it can break up, and sometimes they have to break the tooth up intentionally and remove it in pieces.

So that’s the answer. But today, no crunching.

The needling was ouchie, it felt like he stuck me 4 or 5 times, and the stuff they put in seems to hurt when it goes in, but of course after a minute or so, things are numbing up very fast.

I was really tense and nervous today, more so than last time, but other than the jabby needle stuff, it went pretty quick. Now I’m just achy and grumbly.

At least it’s over, though.


Posted 2010.02.02 17.32 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

It’s the sounds that are the worst, I think.

I had two wisdom teeth pulled out this morning – top and bottom, right side. It was about 90% pain-free. There were a few moments of pain, not including the needles – they always hurt. Aside from the physical discomfort though, it really is the sounds.

Like a crunching, cracking, crushing sound. I was paying a little more attention, and I’m pretty sure that he twists as he starts to pull. I think the crunching sounds might be when the bond breaks between the tooth and the bone it’s growing out of. Or maybe it’s the tooth getting crushed by the pliers? Either way, the sound is nasty.

Anyhow, that was earlier. Now there’s just an aching sensation.

Not So Wise

Posted 2010.01.02 9.24 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I know some people find x-rays to be freaky. I guess I do too, but also fascinating at the same time. Take this image for instance:

I keep looking at it, and wondering how they’re gonna get the tooth on the left out, without messing up its neighbor to the right. I mean, they’re not just touching, they’re wedged together. There’s jawbone behind it, a tooth infront of it, and it’s wedged.

Granted it’s not badly wedged – I mean, I’ve seen xrays of badly wedged teeth and this one is barely on the radar for that sort of thing. It’s just – well I can’t figure out how they can pull it out without messing up the one next to it.

For a wisdom tooth, it seems rather unwise.

Alert the CTU!

Posted 2009.12.08 19.23 in Life On Drugs, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So I had to meet the dental surgeon this morning… ¬†folks have been telling me to get my wisdom teeth out, and I finally worked up the courage to go and meet the guy for a consultation. You know, a quick look, then find out how bad it was going to be, how much it was going to hurt and how much it was going to cost.

I should have known better.

Right away, he knew about the microfilm hidden in my top-left wisdom tooth. Either he has great eyes, or he was tipped off. So he says he’s going to take that tooth right away! Next thing I know, I’m in The Chair, in The Room, and they’re hooking me up to a machine.

While they left me for a few minutes to contemplate my fate, I realized they hadn’t searched me – I still had my iPhone with me! I immediately texted my sister, asking her for help: contact agent Bauer, send in the rescue team get me out of there!

By now, the surgeon’s staff had realized their mistake. They activated the x-ray machine, disrupting my iPhone’s GPS, so my sister couldn’t get my coordinates. That’s when they came at me with the needles.

The rescue team never turned up. I lost the tooth, they got the microfilm, and now they know the secret plans and the location of the gold. Plus, I’m “experiencing discomfort” and feeling grumpy.