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Rav4 World

Posted 2007.08.20 0.00 in Uncategorized by Stephanie

Recently, a friend of mine got herself a new car – a Rav4. I’ve been driving a Rav now for about 7 years. I love my Rav, but as with all things, the excitement wears off after a while and it’s not new any more.

When I first got my Rav in 2001, I was all over it, and scouring the internet for Rav4 related websites. Then, in 2005, the lease ran out and I did the lease buyout thing. It was a great deal, since I don’t drive much and had looked after the car – I basically got a ‘brand new’ Rav4 for a fraction of the price. Anyhow, so in 2005 I got the ‘new car’ excitement all over again, and went back to those websites and read up again on the new details and info and stuff that had come out.

So back to now – with my friend getting a Rav, it’s got me excited again for her, and that’s made me excited for my own Rav, and once again I’m doing the reading and surfing and whatnot. Maybe I’ll get around to some photos of my ride, but not till after its been washed 🙂

In the meantime, here’s a link to the best Rav4 forum / site that there is. Check it out!

Rav4 World

World Cup Final

Posted 2006.07.09 0.00 in Sports by Stephanie

Just 10 minutes to kickoff of the final match of World Cup 2006. Call me crazy but I think I was having more fun in the first round.

Back then, you had 2 or 3 matches a day, and you had all the countries playing, and you had the different groups each with their separate struggles for position.

The quarters, semis, and finals, you just have the one game, one result, and that’s it. Tense, exciting, emotional…but not as much fun.

Well, that’s my opinion, anyhow.

Who am I cheering on? Well in the semis, I had to weigh the four teams like this:
My alltime favorite wines right now are Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Sylvaner. So Germany was my #1 favorite.
I am fond of Bordeaux, some Burgundies, and much of the Midi wines. So France was my #2 favorite.
I do enjoy my Ports now and then, especially a nice Madiera, so Portugal would have been my #3, except they beat England!
And finaly, Italy makes a lot of wine, but I only really like the Valpolicellas and Amarones.

In other words, yesterday I was cheering for Germany, and today I cheer for France.

Enjoy the match!

FIFA World Cup 06

France vs Italy
Photo from FIFA/Yahoo

That’s it for four more years.

Posted 2006.07.09 0.00 in Sports by Stephanie


Italy won in a penalty shootout. France had all the best chances in the second half, and in the extra time.

Oh well. Maybe 2010 will be England’s year.

Who knows, maybe Canada will even get into the first round.

World Cup 2006
Photo from FIFA/Yahoo

Some Helpful World Cup Links

Posted 2006.06.25 0.00 in Sports by Stephanie

For my own use as much as anybody elses, here are two links I’ve been using over and over again to follow the World Cup action:

TSN/Sportsnet Schedule