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End of the Year

Posted 2010.12.31 18.19 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So 2010 is drawing to a close in a few hours. It went by quickly, except when it was going slow. There were ups and downs. Mostly downs. All in all, I’d rate it about a 4. Solid “Meh.”

Nearly adequate.

Ten Percent

Posted 2010.02.06 11.39 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Time’s running out just as fast as it can. Again.

Seems like it only just started being 2010 and suddenly the year is 10% over already. It’s like, blink and you’ll miss it.

What happened to January? Vrooom it’s gone!

Someone should do something about this. There ought to be a study. Time’s going too quickly and we need to put the brakes on this before it gets out of control.

Welcome to 2010

Posted 2010.01.01 0.01 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie


2009 – The Year In Review

Posted 2009.12.31 17.59 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

As the last hours of 2009 wind down, it seems like a good time to review the year, how it summed up against other years. And generally speaking, it fairly well sucked. There were a few good points, lots of sucky things, and overall, I think 2009 is getting a failing grade.

In fact 2009 was sucky enough that it actually reached back in time and ruined the last half of 2008. It was just that sucky. 2009 – The Year Of Suck.

So back to 2009. What were some of the good things? The whole aquarium thing has been a big positive. Sure it’s a bit of a money-sink, a lot of work, and some responsibility. But it’s very relaxing and enjoyable, and I can’t help smiling when I watch the fishies and snailies playing. Especially the wee babies. Les is doing well with the big fish, the nursery tank is full of snail babies and a couple corydora babies. All-in-all the aquarium stuff lets me forget about my own problems for a while and just observe their simple and care-free comings and goings.

Of course, I haven’t forgotten about my kitties. Misha and Pixie continue to amuse, bemuse, annoy, and purr. Misha is wonderfully affectionate when she wants to be. Even Pixie is getting affectionate now and then, in her own derranged way. Though I must add, even though it’s been four or five years, I still miss Sylvie, and think of him almost every day. It’s mostly happy memories though, so it’s all good.

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Happy *cough* *hack* New Year

Posted 2007.01.07 1.00 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Appearantly new years is here. Another year. New digits to remember, when writing cheques.

I’ve been very, very absent and more than a little discombobulated since around x-mas. Come down with a cold or flu or something that just won’t let go.

I’ve already been through two cycles of sore-throat-then-chest-cold, and this morning woke up with another sore throat again. Yesterday I was feeling marginally better too. So I think I’m going on to round three.

Got some various cold medicines that don’t seem to help a great deal but do make me feel loopy and dizzy. Well, the daytime formula does. The nighttime formula makes me loopy, dizzy, and tired. And the cough medicine… well don’t get me started. That guafenesin just makes me a little nauseous. And it tastes terrible.

So that’s one of the reasons why there’s been a huge lack of posts for some time. I’ve been busy being ill and unhappy.

The other reason is that I’m like totally addicted to Second Life. So when I’m not curled up in bed bleeding from the lungs from a huge coughing fit, I’m huddled at the computer, exploring a virtual world, where my avatar is in perfect health.