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103 Years and Counting

Posted 2009.10.09 10.08 in Family/Friends by Stephanie

Yesterday was the 103rd birthday of my Great-Aunt Anne.

Three years ago, I posted about her 100th birthday party and how incredible it is, when you think about all the things she’s seen, how the world has changed in her life. Every year that’s gone by since, I’m more awestruck. I mean, when she was my age, the second world war was already over.

The past 3 years haven’t been easy, she’s starting to get a bit frail in body and mind, but she’s still going.

A hundred and three. Unbelievable. Over a century old! That’s something you don’t hear often.

Anne at her 100th birthday party

Anne at her 100th birthday party

A Memory Moment

Posted 2009.07.07 9.21 in Family/Friends, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

On the way to work this morning, I stopped at the Timmies drivethrough to get a coffee – a morning ritual for a great many Canadians. As I was getting my money ready, I noticed the date on a Loonie I had in my pocket – 1988. I didn’t realize the Loonie had been around that long. Twenty-one years, since that coin was minted. I handed it over (along with the rest of the change), got my coffee, and drove away, thinking about how much has changed since 1988.

In 1988 I was eighteen. Although the Loonie existed, there were still dollar-bills around too, and some people were refusing to use the new coins, hoarding or at least hanging on to the dollars they found.

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